Cadbury Eyebrows

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Cadbury Eyebrows by Mind Map: Cadbury Eyebrows

1. Effectiveness? (Does it work as a piece of advertising?)

1.1. What is the historical, cultural and/or political context?

1.1.1. Cadbury Chocolate has a history of 105 years

1.2. Does the advertisement capture your attention/make you want to buy the product/use the service? Why?

1.2.1. Yes it does. In the advertisement, it shows two kids constantly twitching their eyebrows in a way where they can control it. It is a rather unique ability and it attracts the audience attention, saying that eating this brand of chocolate will give you this ability.

2. Technical aspects? (Colour, lighting, sound, camera movement, film editing?)

2.1. Is the shot wide or long? A close up?

2.1.1. It is a closeup throughout the advertisement

2.2. How is the frame lit?

2.2.1. It is lit for the entire advertisement

2.3. What camera angles are used here?

2.3.1. The video was shot at different angles to give a sense control over those actions

2.4. What point-of-view do the camera angles suggest? Is the camera acting as the eyes of the audience?

2.4.1. Yes. It moves to different angles of the kids to give a closer view of what they are doing

2.5. How does the camera move? What effect does camera movement have on viewers?

2.5.1. It moves in different directions. Some which show the kids from the top and some from the side and front. It increses the audiences curiosity

2.6. Is there music? How and when is it used? What is its effect? What mood does it create?

2.6.1. There was a tune usedIt added some rhythm to the commercial as there were sounds of the balloon squeaking as well.

2.7. Are there other sound effects?

2.7.1. The squeaking sound of the balloon

3. Visual techniques? (What do you notice when you watch the advertisement?)

3.1. What is in the shot?

3.1.1. A cameraman, A girl and a boy

3.2. What is centered?

3.2.1. The boy and the girl

3.3. How do figures move within the frame?

3.3.1. They do not move at all. They remain at the same position

3.4. What effect does the demand have on viewers?

3.4.1. It attracts the viewer's attention as they possess a skill that not many has

4. Content? (What is the advertisement saying to you?)

4.1. What other details, such as props, are important in the scene? What are their function and effect?

4.1.1. A balloon. It added on to the sound effects of the advertisement

4.2. What is the message/theme of the advertisement?

4.2.1. The message that would be brought out to the audience is this brand of chocolates is really special with some special effects added to it.

4.3. Is it telling you a story?

4.3.1. No, it does not show a story. It is more of a scene where it shows the effects of eating the brand of chocolates which turns out to be quite attractive