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Cactus Pine wiki by Mind Map: Cactus Pine wiki

1. Capital Campaign

1.1. CC as Transformative Event

1.1.1. Property Task Force Findings

1.2. What will we build?

1.2.1. AI Protocol

1.2.2. Who should we talk to?

1.2.3. Meaning Making

1.2.4. Interview Results What will we build? Compelling scenarios Powerful Quotes Stories

1.2.5. Map of the interview process

1.2.6. HerStory Interviews

1.2.7. Interviewer Information

1.3. CC FAQ

2. CP Annual Meeting

2.1. Plenary PPTs

2.1.1. Tamara's Remarks

2.2. New Slate

3. Thoughts about Organization

3.1. How do people get started?

3.2. Organic growth

3.3. Links to other resources

3.4. Invite people from ML's group

4. National Council wiki

4.1. Member Preparation

4.1.1. Voting Member Prep

5. National Council Session Discussions

5.1. Proposals

5.1.1. Consent Agenda Discussion

5.1.2. Dues Increase Discussion

5.1.3. Membership Flexibility Discussion

5.1.4. Natl Board Devel Committee Discussion

5.1.5. Size, Formula, Special Session Discussion

5.1.6. Voting & Dues Authority Discussion