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Cactus Pine wiki by Mind Map: Cactus Pine wiki
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Cactus Pine wiki

Capital Campaign

CC as transformative event Do we want Capital Campaign site to be a separate wiki?

CC as Transformative Event

Property Task Force Findings

What will we build?

What will we build (current name) Shooting for results complete this summer and to BOD by fall

AI Protocol

Who should we talk to?

Meaning Making

Interview Results, What will we build?, Compelling scenarios, Powerful Quotes, Stories

Map of the interview process

HerStory Interviews

Interviewer Information


CP Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting is Sat, 4/26

Plenary PPTs

Tamara's Remarks

New Slate

Thoughts about Organization

Would like to go slowly, help the members help us grow the site. Could be just a Council wiki for now. In future we might want a separate wiki JUST for council delegates and one JUST for Board. Could link multiple wikis together.

How do people get started?

Site is visible to the general public. To participate (edit pages, add comments), you must register. Registrations to be approved by designated staff.

Organic growth

Links to other resources

Invite people from ML's group

to add interview summary raw data.

National Council wiki

TBA Off-site, not Cactus Pine.

Member Preparation

Voting Member Prep

National Council Session Discussions


Should be on separate site for National Council Session.

Consent Agenda, Discussion

Dues Increase, Discussion

Membership Flexibility, Discussion

Natl Board Devel Committee, Discussion

Size, Formula, Special Session, Discussion

Voting & Dues Authority, Discussion