Traffic problems

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Traffic problems by Mind Map: Traffic problems

1. Cities

1.1. Causes

1.1.1. too much transport on the road

1.1.2. attitude of the drivers leading to crash leading to traffic jam irresponsible public bus and tax drivers they drive fast to take the passengers they do not take customers at the bus stop

1.1.3. Unorganized road construction project shuting down some lane's roads for buiding infrastructure. leaving some equipment and tools for constructing on the road.

1.1.4. The lack of public transport Poor public transport options

1.2. Solution

1.2.1. baning selling stuff on the footpath to reduce traffic jam because it reduces the number of transport ocupied on the road drivers will not pay attention to attractive stuff on the road to get more space for moving for transport people who walk on the road

1.2.2. baning parking on the footpath using available kiots for parking with fee (high cost) drivers may choose walk on their foot or using bicycle instead of motorbike for a short distance more space for those who walk on the footpath so they will not use road lane for walking.

1.2.3. educating the traffic law again for those who are got fine. offering a class of 30 people who are got fine those who take the driver license test, have to answer test's question in front of class checking if those who take the test, have enough knowledge to get the clience the fined people can learn the traffic law again

1.2.4. building more road and the budget must be public taking money from the tax from those who buy mototorbikes the budget gets from fine reducing the budget for buid some building that are not needed (status, exhibition hall) investing those budget for enhancing infrastructure

1.2.5. just allow a limit motorbike which is owned by a family imposing the higher tax law not allow more than 3 motorbike for a family of 5 people offering free school bus for public schools (the government pays fee) obligating private schools offer free school bus reducing the fare of public buses to to encourage people use them more people choose to travel by bus - increasing budget for the government

1.2.6. re-check people’s knowledge about the tranffic law. limiting the motorbike driver license in 5 years geting fee for budge that using to improve traffic problem

1.2.7. painting the popular building by using particular colour to help those who are not residents in here can easy to find the way to where they want to go reducing time they are on the road

2. Countrysides

2.1. Causes

2.1.1. cowboys let their cattle runing on the road

2.1.2. a lot of hole from the road cause by the overload trucks non-standard road

2.1.3. the hill terrain

2.2. solution

2.2.1. requiring cowboys make a cowshed

2.2.2. taking the higher fine for the overload trucks

2.2.3. repair the old roads

2.2.4. for the roads are building constructing only one specific section trying to complete the construction as fast as possible.

2.2.5. set up a group for monitoring the construction. to deal with non-quality construction control the workers

2.2.6. build curve roads to limit the spead of the drive when they drive on the hill road reducing the high slope of the hill