The Korean War

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The Korean War by Mind Map: The Korean War

1. American Involvement

1.1. American Weapons

1.2. America got involved in order to continue there policy of containment of Communism.

1.3. Douglas MacArther

2. United Nations and Allies Involvement

2.1. About 40,000 UN troos sent to aid South Korea

2.2. About 20,000 British Commonwealth Soldiers sent to aid South Korea

2.3. The United Nations got involved because a vote was put in place whether or not to protect the country of South Korea. The vote passed with a 9-0 Count.

2.3.1. The Soviet Union was not involved in this vote because they were in protest against the UN not giving China a chair and vote in world matters. This however did not stop the rest of the UN to continue to vote without them.

3. Chinas Involvment

3.1. Chinese Weapons

3.1.1. China was supported by The Soviet Union economically along with being supplied with weapons like the ones pictured to the right.

3.2. China got involved for two reasons. The first reason was they felt that America and the United Nations were getting to close to their borders and would continue to advance into their country. The second was that they wanted to support another state of communism just outside of its borders for it would give a good ally in the future.

3.3. China

3.4. Mao Tse-tung

4. North Korean Involvement

4.1. Attacked South Korea on June 25, 1950

4.2. North Korean Army had a size of about 135,000 men

4.3. Kim-ll-Sung

5. South Korean Involvement

5.1. South Korea had an estimated army size of 95,000 men

5.2. Syngman Rhee

6. Korean War Documentary


7. Map of Korean War

8. Took place during the cold war.

8.1. At the end of world war 2 the Communist country the Soviet Union, and the United States were each given half of the country that used to be a part of the Japanese imperial empire.

8.1.1. Soviet Union Modeled the Northern part of Korea (above the 38th north) after its communist government. This pitted the to old rivals against each other once again.

8.1.2. The United States of course modeled South Korea after it's Government.

9. Pictures of the War

9.1. Korea

9.2. Korean War

10. Timeline of events


11. Korean War

12. Korean War

13. Korean War