Archaic Age Art Pottery

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Archaic Age Art Pottery by Mind Map: Archaic Age Art Pottery

1. The greeks produced large amounts of ceramics so they could carry grain

2. A Red figure leave everything black but the figure itself is red and you paint the figures in

2.1. Exekias Black figure amphora Ajax and Achilles playing dice looks like a game of chances and that is what war is a game of chances and they look so calm because they know the gods are in control

3. Red Figure it is easier to make because you can add more detail and lines can overlap as well as it looks more natural.

4. People started to settle down less war villages in towns

4.1. Pots standardized trade

5. To make a black figure the oxygen level is decreased to so the figure turns black when adding sawdust and manure

6. The archaric age pottery is developing at the same age as theater is so the designs on the pots look like a theater or a stage.

7. Black figure it is harder because you have to scratch in the designs and if the designs are too close the pot will chip

8. Other cultures adopted the greek way of life and stories of the greeks were told by pottery being passed down in the Mediterranean region