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Agile Teams by Mind Map: Agile Teams

1. Team Dynamics Survey [cat189]

1.1. How much humor in day-to-day action?

1.2. Initial Behaviors of team showing in times of difficulty & stress?

1.3. How often are contradictory views raised by team members (including juniors)?

1.3.1. Are contradictory views fully discussed?

1.4. To what extent can any team member provide feedback to any other team member (positive or negative)?

1.4.1. How often does it happen?

1.5. coach

1.5.1. How likely would it be that a team member would discuss issues with coach with another team member without giving feedback to the coach directly (triangulating)?

1.5.2. How likely would the coach ask team member for help if required?

1.5.3. How likely would the coach share personal information with the team that made him vulnerable?

1.5.4. To what extent does the coach get support from the team on his personal career goals?

1.6. conflict / disagreement

1.6.1. To what extent is the team likely to bring into team discussions an issue that may create conflict or disagreement?

1.6.2. How likely is the coach to bring into a team an issue that is likely to have many different conflicting points of view?

1.6.3. New node


2.1. Roles

2.1.1. Formally defined Roles occupied by specific individuals

2.1.2. All formal roles funcitioning within role bounders?

2.1.3. Any one Person taking up more than one formal role? What is the impact?

2.1.4. If team has added roles, are they fully discribed?

2.2. Tasks

2.2.1. New node

2.3. Authority

2.4. Boundaries

3. resources

3.1. cat

3.1.1. "Coaching Agile Teams" by Lyssa Adkins

3.2. Affiliate Links

4. Pragmatic Programmer

4.1. Quality

4.1.1. No broken windows

4.1.2. Boiled Frogs assume someone else is handling an issue team leader

4.2. Communication

4.2.1. outside "People look forward to meetings with them"

4.2.2. internal

4.3. Don't Repeat Yourself

4.3.1. "Project Librarian"

4.4. Orthogonality

4.4.1. "Organize Around Functionality, Not Job Functions"

4.4.2. small teams

4.4.3. Self Organizedd

4.5. Automation

4.6. Know when to Stop Adding Paint