Industrial Revolution 1760-1890

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Industrial Revolution 1760-1890 by Mind Map: Industrial Revolution 1760-1890

1. Causes

2. Inventions

3. Telephone-1876 Inventor- Alexander Grahman Bell, Antonio Meucci. Who Patented?- Alexander Grahman Bell

4. Cotton Gin-1794 Inventor- Eli Whitney. Who Patented?- Eli Whitney

5. Light Bulb-1879 Inventor- Thomas Edison, Joseph Swan, Hiram Maxim. Who Patented? - Thomas Edison

6. Stable Government -allowed new factories, new inventions and country to grow

7. Steam Engine- 1712 Inventor- Thomas Savery. Who Patented? - Thomas Savery

8. Started in England-1700s- modern work places, education, large market

9. New Factories built

10. New inventions- water, steam and coal powered tools

11. Automobile-1885 Inventor-Karl Benz Who Patented? - Karl Benz

12. Telegraph -1837 Inventor-Samuel Morse Who Patented?- Samuel Morse

13. Sewing Machine-1846 Inventors- Josef Madersperger, Elias Howe, Walter Hunt, Barthelemy Thimonnier. Who Patented?- Elias Hunt

14. Effects

15. New farming equipment

16. New factory production

17. New transportation-Steam Boat

18. New transportation- Steam Train

19. New communication

20. Inventions