Socratic Dialogue

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Socratic Dialogue by Mind Map: Socratic Dialogue

1. General

1.1. A discussion topic is mentioned by Socrates and he tries to find someone who is wise enough to answer it.

1.2. He then finds various flaws in his discussion partner's idea or answer and begins to prove them wrong forcing his partner to admit their ignorance the way that he has.

1.3. After this, the men discussing agree that they are both equally ignorant on this subject and decide to continue the search for the real truth together.

2. Symposium

3. Thrasymachus

3.1. What is Justice?

3.1.1. Might Makes Right: Thrasymachus believed that if one does not practice the traditional justices they're used to, it will make their lives better.

3.1.2. Might makes right cannot be true because if one is a vegetarian and eats the meat that is supposedly good for you, the vegetarian will become sick.

3.2. Rulers are in charge of making new laws to benefit themselves but if they create one that is only benefits themselves then it effects everyone negetively.

3.3. Polemarchus believed and stated that Thrasymachus was wrong.

4. Euthyphro

4.1. What is Piety?

4.1.1. That which is loved by the gods is considered to be piety

4.1.2. Some things that are loved by the gods are holy.

4.1.3. The gods love all human action that are just.

4.1.4. Euthyphro and Socrates questioned if something is holy because it is loved by the gods or if the gods loved it because it is holy.

4.2. Giving a Service to the Gods

4.2.1. When one prays to the gods, thinking that they are benefitting them and making them happy, one doesn't realize that they are simply asking more of them rather then giving a service to them.

4.2.2. Even when one sacrifices something to the gods, they are only giving back what the gods had in the first place.