One Note

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One Note by Mind Map: One Note

1. Teacher Advantages

1.1. Teachers can see what students completed each edit. This ensures accountability and prevents students from tampering with each others work.

1.2. All handout can be done online. This limits paper use and can make grading easy since each student's work will be attached to their account.

2. Any questions about the program can be answered here.

3. Best Practice Use

3.1. For schools were students access to computers, this can still a part of group projects.

4. Basic Functions

4.1. Like google docs and mindmiester, this program allows users to create and edit documents in a communal setting.

4.2. Like the cloud, this program allows users to access documents anywhere they have access to the internet.

4.3. As a part of the Microsoft office suite, it can accessed online on office 365 website.

5. In a one to one laptop school, this is most useful as it can be the central hub of all classwork and assignments.