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sales & marketing funnell by Mind Map: sales & marketing funnell

1. Main Funnell

1.1. Website

1.2. Speaking/Lunch & Learns

1.2.1. Get on NL List

1.2.2. Offer Business Of the Month Free trial

1.2.3. Coaching Online Workouts Online Mindset Nutrition Coaching

1.2.4. Nutrition Challenge offer

1.3. Newsletter List

1.3.1. Free Gift Opt-in Free Report Free Audio Free Video

1.4. Adult Trial

1.4.1. 2-weeks free Should I offer $1 Forms on Improvement Warrior Fitness Large Group Campaign 2-weeker trial from IWFLG Trial Decide 2-week free After confirm email- both connect to Sequence #1 Checked and Updated 11.18.15

1.4.2. Daily Deal or Gift Cert Form Confirmation

1.4.3. 21-Day Rapid Fat loss Form Email Confirmation Payment Made: Sequence set off from purchase of 21-day program Email #1 Delay NONE Checked and Updated 11.18.15

1.4.4. 47-Day Ketogenic FEO Form Sequence #1 Sequence #2 Sequence #3 Updated and checked PURCHASES KETO Challenge at anypoint Sequence #1: 47-Day KETO FEO IWF Resources

1.4.5. FEO- Different each month December January

1.4.6. Sales Funnel- Trial Pipeline #1 IWF Trial New Opportunity Client's actions: Automated Infusion tasks Manual Tasks: Jason Yun Or VA Updated and Reviewed #2 IWF Pre-Trial Contacting Jason Yun Tasks VA Tasks Auto Tasks Trial client remains here until attends 1st FLO or MIA for 1st FLO They attended- JASON YUN MUST TAG CLIENT 'COACH _____ OPPORTUNITY 1ST SEQUENCE' _____ is whichever Coach had them for 1st workout NO SHOW- MIA- Move client to 'IWF TRIAL NO SHOW Updated and reviewed #3 IWF Attending 1st Workout Sequence #1: Coach Specific Sequence #2: Success Session Introduction if sets up one Client MUST be called b4 moving to Stage: IWF Client PROSPECT 1 Week Updated & reviewed #4 IWF Client Prospect 1 WEEK Manual Task Emails Stage Move Note: Checked and Updated #5 IWF Trial NO SHOW 1st class Manual Task: Email #1 Email #2 Email #3 Automated manual tasks Manual Task Updated and Checked: #6 IWF attend 1st F.L.O YES, No More Email #1 Email #2 Automated Manual Tasks Updated and Checked #7 IWF Trial Reschedule Delay Subject Links #8 IWF Trial WON Became New CLIENT Sequence 1 Sequence 2 Updated and Checked #9 IWF trial BEO LOST Client Immediate: Tags Email #1 Email #2 Email #3 Email #4 Email #5 Email #6 Email #7 BIRTHDAY YOU NEED TO ADD AN OWN YOUR LIFE EMAIL-- EARLY IN THE SEQUENCE Updated and checked 11.17.15 #10: Stage: IWF Freeze/Cancel Notes Infusionsoft tasks Updated 9.2.16 #11: IWF Former Athlete Returns Infusionsoft tasks Completed 9.1.16 #12: IWF Reactivation NOTE: This is in the CANCEL & REACTIVATION CAMPAIGN Human Task Infusionsoft task COMPLETED 9.1.16 #13: IWF Too Expensive Delay: 18 hours Updated 9.1.16 #14: IWF Classpass Attends Infusion tasks Goal: Tag applied at end: Updated

1.5. Membership

1.5.1. WON Up-Sells Introductions aka Referrals BEO

1.5.2. LOST Down-sells Introductions

2. Other sequences

2.1. Bring a friend sequences

2.1.1. Links <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Tags Bring A friend Fitness Newsletter FEO IWF add to NL Content Waivers Locations FAQ first day

2.1.2. Links <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Tags Bring a friend fitness newsletter FEO IWF add to NL content Same as

3. AR Sales Funnel

3.1. Main- Opportunities

3.1.1. #1: Stage: AR- Trial opportunity Athlete/Parent's ACTION Parent Registers via webform or phone or walk-in Automated infusion action Email #1 Email #2 Email #3 Email #4 Tag #1 Human action: CEO/VA/Other They get put into #1 AR Trial Opportunity (THIS ONE) in infusion YOU NEED TO SET THE DATE in AR tab of start date, class/time, and location, BEFORE THE NEXT PIPELINE STAGE #2 Then Move them to Opp: '#2- AR Trial CONTACTING' Updated 4.11.16

3.1.2. #2: Stage: AR Pre-trial CONTACTing Human Action: Must add start date before moving to this stage!!!!! If did not: Move to Empty Stage. Set Start Date, then move back to this stage Jason Yun Calls them & Forwards Email into NEW Leads folder in GMAIL Yun adds them to Address Book Group '1athletic revolution'- includes Start date, phase #, class name (exploration or transformation) referred from, and sports played if appicable VA Adds to FR-KPI Dashboard lead tracking sheet. VA enters them into 'Daily Lead Tracker Sheet' in KPI Dashboard (info needed: name, class name (AR E or AR T), Parents Name, Referred From, notes, Start date, More detailed class name (I.e Overcomer's or Regular (with Exploration or Transformation). Location is AR VA Forwards email to Jason Yun's evernote account MUST AUTOSEND ALL EMAILS IF CLIENT IS STARTING WITHIN 2 DAYS Client/Athlete Action: Client remains in this stage until ATTENDS or NO SHOW THEY ATTENDED They NO SHOW Emails #1 Reminder 2 days before @ 130 pm Subject Content Updated 4.11.16

3.1.3. #3 Stage: AR- Attended 1st Workout Infusion Auto Tasks Email #1 Email #2 Task #1 NOT ACTIVE Email #3 Human tasks Parent MUST BE CALLED b4 adding into STAGE: 'AR Trial 1 WEEK DONE' Client/Athlete Tasks Parent clicks invite form or link Invite #2 Subject: Content Links Updated 4.12.16 7.17.16

3.1.4. #4 Stage: AR Trial 1 WEEK DONE Human Tasks Parent AR MUST BE CALLED b4 Entering them into this STAGE 6 day delay @ 115 pm after email #3 Stage move: Infusionsoft tasks Once Added: Invitation #3 is sent Once 'AR> Did NOT Sign Up AR Trial: Send INVITE #4' tag is applied- 30 minute delay Task: 3 days delay @ 800 am Updated 4.19.16 7.17.16

3.1.5. #5 Stage: AR Trial NO SHOW 1st class Notes Client should ONLY be moved to this stage from #2 AR Pre-trial CONTACTing or #7 Stage: AR Trial Reschedule Human Tasks CALL and TEXT client immediately If TALK TO: notate call details via TASK and enter new START DATE and move to STAGE # 7 : AR Trial Reschedule ...........2. Also delete upcoming emails from this stage or SIMPLY REMOVE from this sequence (ask if you do not know how to do either If TALK to and client indicates is quitting: Move to Stage #9 AR_trial BEO LOST If did not talk to: Leave Voicemail and send text If talk to: refer to steps #3 or #4 based on conversation If did not talk to in step #6.... 1. Leave Voicemail.. 2. Add to EMPTY AR Stage and re-add them to this STAGE Again. Keep repeating process until get answer or shows up. Infusionsoft tasks Email #1 sent 44 minutes delay--- #2 40-hour delay........ #3 40 hour delay..... all emails inviting back to restart 2 TASKS: 1. if clicked one of links in email ---- task to check if rescheduled........ Updated 4.20.16

3.1.6. #6: Stage: AR Attended 1x but NO MORE Notes Client should be moved here ONLY from stage #3 AR Attended 1st Workout: If was not move to EMPTY stage and make appropriate corrections Infusionsoft tasks: Once moved to this STAGE: Email #1--- 44 minutes delay>>>>> Email #2 76 hour delay Automated Tasks: 100 hour delay: Did they reschedule??? Add to #7 AR Trial Rescheduled if DID... NO Resechedule--- CALL THEM, text them and move back to this pipeline Human tasks If TALK to: Notate call details via a TASK and enter in new Start Date and Move to STAGE: #7 AR Trial RESCHEDULE.........2. Also delete upcoming emails from this stage If DID NOT talk to in Step #2: 1. Leave Voicemail 2. Add to EMPTY Stage and Re-add them to This STAGE again. Keep repeating process until get answer or shows up. If at anytime client RESPONDS to email or text or calls in: 1. Notate via task 2. Take appropriate actions based on response. 3. If unsure ask Jason Yun what to do Updated 4.20.16

3.1.7. #7: Stage: AR Trial Reschedule Notes Client is only moved to this stage from Stage #5 NO SHOW or #6 AR Attended 1x but no MORE Human Tasks MUST RESET THE AR TAB START DATE before moving to this Pipeline stage Infusionsoft tasks 1 day before AR Trial to start @ 100 pm Updated 4.20.16

3.1.8. #8: Stage: AR Trial WON CLIENT Athlete Notes By Adding a client to this STAGE: They must have signed up! Infusionsoft tasks Gets applied tags: 1. Client CURRENT 2. DID purchase AR Membership Became Athletic Revolution Client. 3. AR Client 4. AR Member 5. IW Board: Calendar of Training Access #1 30 hour delay: Email #1 2 week delay: Email #2 11 days delay: email #3 Birthday email: Delay 1 day AFTER birthday Referral things need set up here!!!!!! Updated 4.21.16 Tag Sequences Transformation Exploration

3.1.9. #9: Stage: AR Trial BEO LOST Human tasks Trial Client NOT SIGNING UP- Gets moved to Sales Pipeline: 'Trial Nurture BEO' Infusion task 30-hour delay- Gets email sorry didnt' work out for you. Exit survey and testimonial request 5-day delay- Gets email with Nutrition/Transformational Challenges that we offer 21 day delay- Gets gift certs to all other services and Referral Request 44 Day delay- Gets $1 trial to all online services. LBN and MIndtamer 4-month delay- Gets public speaking/lunch and learn request email 5 month delay 7-month delay- gets special motivational email with offer to restart trial-- task set up after to set up next 2 come back messages--- Every 7 months. 14-MOnth delay email with message about excuses Every year- gets email on birthday Tags applied immediately Tags removed immediately Updated 4.21.16

3.1.10. #10: Stage: AR Freeze/Cancel Notes: Is in Cancel & Reactivation Campaign Infusionsoft tasks Email #1: 12 weeks delay Email #2 8 days delay email #3 8 days delay Tag applied 11 week delay More follow up sequences can be created after this one. BUt keep it simple......... Updated 4.21.16

3.1.11. #11: Stage: AR Former Athlete Returns Infusionsoft tasks Tags applied After these tags are applied Follows the exact sequence for #8 Stage: AR Trial WON NEW CLIENT Updated 4.21.16

3.1.12. #12: Stage : Ar Reactivation NOTE: This is in the CANCEL & REACTIVATION CAMPAIGN Human Task Find leads to put them in here Infusion Tasks Email #1 Delay 25 minutes Email #2 Delay 7 days Email #3 delay 7 days email #4 27 day delay System: Updated 6.3.16 9.1.16

3.1.13. #13 Stage: AR Too Expensive Delay 18 hours Special offer 45 minutes after that one subject Improveed Performance & More Money Link Click goal to call, myisagenix and text if clicks video Updated 9.1.16

4. Isagenix Pipelines


4.1.1. Automated Tag Isagenix IWF MEmbership GAVE PACKET Emails Isagenix IWF Membership IWF checkin on ~Contact.FirstName~ Membership Change? Yes or No?

4.1.2. Manual Task Call client

4.1.3. Updated 7.19.16

4.2. #2 ISA AR REVOLUTION Gave Pack

4.2.1. This is the exact same sequence and pipeline as #1 just changed for AR

4.2.2. Updated 7.19.16