Indie Rock Genre Conventions

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Indie Rock Genre Conventions by Mind Map: Indie Rock Genre Conventions

1. Narrative

1.1. Tend to hold deeper meanings then the pop genre

1.2. Deals with difficult themes

1.2.1. Substance abuse

1.2.2. Depression/Anxiety

1.2.3. Tough family situations

1.3. Relationship between lyrics and visuals

1.3.1. Reflects the song's narrative

2. Mise-en-Scene

2.1. Props/Iconography

2.1.1. Used for aesthetic

2.1.2. Important to the narrative

2.1.3. Conventional props used to reflect the genre

2.2. Clothing

2.2.1. Black/dark clothing

2.2.2. Retro/Vintage

2.2.3. Examples: Skinny jeans, Leather jackets, plain white t-shirt

2.3. Lighting

2.3.1. Low-key lighting - adds to darkness of narrative themes

3. Setting

3.1. If the video includes a performance, this is often in an unusual place and/or separate to where the narrative is filmed

3.1.1. Abandoned warehouse/hospital

3.1.2. In character's house - not acknowledged by the characters

3.2. Setting reflects the underlying theme of the narrative

3.2.1. Drugs/Substance abuse - Parties, clubs, gigs

3.2.2. Family issues - Houses, mental health institutions, parks

4. Camera

4.1. Close up/Extreme close up

4.1.1. Highlight iconography important to the plot

4.1.2. Shows artist/bands passion and emotion

4.2. Long/Wide shots

4.2.1. Used to establish scene

4.2.2. Help to show the whole band especially in performace elements

4.3. High/Low angles

4.3.1. Used to show performance

4.3.2. Representative of themes within the video e.g - high angle gives connotations of being trapped

5. Editing

5.1. Cinematic effects

5.1.1. Makes the video feel like a short film

5.1.2. Adds elements of aesthetic to the video

5.2. Fast cutting

5.2.1. Matches pace of the song

5.2.2. In time with beats

5.3. Slow motion

5.3.1. Could reflect narrative - showing disorientation, reflects grievances etc.

5.4. Parallel editing

5.4.1. Shows different characters journeys as they happen

5.4.2. Creates link between the characters