Gottesman & Shields

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Gottesman & Shields by Mind Map: Gottesman & Shields

1. Evaluations

1.1. What was the advantage of having 8 clinician's professional opiniona?

1.2. Did Gottesman & Shields ONLY look at schizophrenia? What is the problem with this?

1.3. Give one problem with their diagnosis of schizophrenia?

1.4. Why might some of the twins have been wrongly classfied at MZ or DZ?

1.5. How did diagnoses between the 8 clinicians differ?

1.6. What have previous studies shown?

1.7. Can we establish cause & effect?

1.8. Can we establish whether concordance rates are due to nature or nurture?

1.9. Is the sample generalisable?

1.10. Was the study gender-biased?

1.11. How reliable were the findings?

1.12. Does the study have historical validity? Why/why not?

2. Conclusion

3. Aim

4. Procedure

4.1. How did they check for zygocity?

4.2. How did they initially find out whether one of the pair had schizophrenia?

4.3. How were the twins then checked for schizophrenia?

5. Results