Fashion in The Sixties

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Fashion in The Sixties by Mind Map: Fashion in The  Sixties

1. Sweeping Social Change

1.1. A New Youth Culture

2. Mod Fashion

2.1. Bold Geometric Shapes

2.2. New Range Of Colours

2.3. Button Down Shirts, Slim Suits, Stove Pipe Pants, Wrinkle Pickers

2.4. New Fabrics

3. Mini-Skirts

3.1. Soaring Hemlines

3.2. Jean Shrimpton Increased Publicity

3.3. Icon Of Rebellion

4. New Icons

4.1. Leslie Hornby ‘Twiggy’ became an icon due her new style of fashion including her short boyish hair.

4.2. Audrey Hepburn's beehive hairstyle became popular amongst millions of women worldwide

4.3. Jacqueline Kennedy characterised class and beauty for women of the time

5. Hippie Clothing

5.1. Indian and African Influences

5.2. Handcrafted Clothing

5.3. Natural Fabrics

5.4. Bare Feet or Sandals

5.5. Long Hair

5.6. Inspired Denim Jeans

6. New Conventions

6.1. Mass Produced Clothing

7. Emerged from a youth lifestyle in London

7.1. New Social Standards