Woman in Public Life

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Woman in Public Life by Mind Map: Woman in Public Life

1. women in the work force

1.1. farm women

1.1.1. they worked on the farm other than doing household tasks

1.2. women in industry

1.2.1. higher paying jobs were available.

1.2.2. 25% of women worked in manufacturing.

1.2.3. Women held least skilled positions and got half or less pay than men.

1.2.4. Worked in offices, schools, stores.

1.3. domestic workers

1.3.1. Poverty forced many women to work.

2. women lead reform

2.1. women in higher education

2.1.1. In addition to domestic roles, women colleges helped give them good educations

2.2. women and reform

2.2.1. educated women helped create reform groups.

2.2.2. Because women worked in factories and at home they helped many differant areas of reform.

2.2.3. In 1896 african american women created NACW - National Association of Colored Women.

2.2.4. Cady Stanton had founded the NWSA, which united with another group in 1890 to become NAWSA.

2.3. a three-part strategy for suffrage

2.3.1. part 1- women tried to convinve legislatures to give them the right to vote. They won in wyoming , utah , colorado , idaho , and after 1896 other states epiclly failed.

2.3.2. part 2- Women pursued court cases to test the 14th amendement.

2.3.3. part 3- Women pushed for national constitutional amendment to give them the right to vote.