Women in Public Life

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Women in Public Life by Mind Map: Women in Public Life

1. Woman Lead Reform

1.1. By the late 19th century, women became active in public life.

1.2. Although women were still expected to do traditional domestic rolls, womens colleges offered education to them.

1.3. Marriage wasnt the only alternative for women by the late 19th century.

1.4. African-American women founded the National Association of Colored Woman in 1896.

1.4.1. NACW managed reading rooms, kindergardens, and nurseries.

1.5. 3 Part Strategy For Sufferage

1.5.1. 1. They tried to convince state legislatures to grant women the right to be able to vote.

1.5.2. 2. Woman got court cases to test the 14th Amendment.

1.5.3. 3. Woman tried to get a national constitutional amendment.

2. Women in the work force

2.1. Married middle-class women were generally expected to devote their time to the care of their homes and families.

2.2. Poor women usually had no choice but to work for wages outside the home.

2.3. Along with house hold tasks, cooking, cleaning, making clothes, farm women handled more chores such as livestock.

2.4. Newer jobs required a high school education, which convinced more women to attend school.