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21 Century Skills by Mind Map: 21 Century Skills

1. Definition

1.1. Integrates

1.1.1. Skills

1.1.2. Teaching

1.2. Describes

1.2.1. skills

1.2.2. knowledge

1.2.3. Expertise

1.2.4. To have Success students Also in today's worls

1.3. Make students

1.3.1. More engaged

1.3.2. More prepared

2. Students Outcome

2.1. Key subjects and 21st Century Themes

2.1.1. It includes English, reading or art World languages Arts Mathematics Economics Science Geography History Government and civics

2.1.2. And also Promote Global Awareness Financial, Economic, business Civic Literacy Health Literacy Environmental Literacy

2.2. Learning and Innovation Skills

2.2.1. Creativity and innovation Think creatively Use Brainstorming Create new ideas to improve ideas Work creatively with others Communicate Be open Implement Innovations Act on ideas

2.2.2. Critical thinking and problem solving Use various types od reasoning Analyze parts of interact Judge and decide Solve problems

2.2.3. Comunication and collaboration Communicate clearly Articulate Listen Use it for a purpose Use technology Do it in diverse environments Collaborate Work effectively and respectfully Be flexible Share responsibility

2.3. Information, media and technology skills

2.3.1. Information literacy Access, evaluate, manage Information

2.3.2. Media literacy Analyze and Create Media products

2.3.3. ICT Apply technology effectively As a tool

2.4. Life and Career Skills

2.4.1. Flexibility Adapt Roles, responsabilities, schedules, contexts Work effectively and change priorities Be flexible Incorporate feednack Deal positively Understand, negotiate and balances

2.4.2. Iniciative Manage Goals Time Be independent Be self-directed Go beyond Demonstrate Inform future progress

2.4.3. Social skills Interact and work Effetively Appropiate Respect, respond opendly and create new ideas

2.4.4. Productivity Manage projects Set goals Achieve the result Produce results Aditional attributes

2.4.5. Responsability Guide and Lead Influence and inspire Be responsible Act responsibly

3. Partnership for 21st Century Learning

3.1. Lerners need

3.1.1. educational experiences

3.1.2. To be at school and beyond

3.1.3. from cradle to career

3.1.4. build knowledge skills in a globally interconnected world digitally interconnected world

3.2. P21

3.2.1. Provides Tools Resources To help with this change

4. Century Support Systems

4.1. Necessary to ensure student

4.1.1. Standards Build understanding Emphasize deep understanding Engage students solving meaningful problems

4.1.2. Assessment Support A balance of assassments Give feedback Into everyday learning Balance Technology-enhanced Portfolios Demonstrate mastery of 2st CS Enable Balance portfolio

4.1.3. Curriculum and Instruction Focuses on Provide opportunities Innovative Learning methods Encourage integration Beyond school walls

4.1.4. Professional Development Highlight ways Integrating Balance Direct instructions Project-oriented teaching methods Ilustrate Deeper understanding Cultivate teachers To identify students Develop abilities use strategies Continuous evaluation

4.1.5. Learning Environments Suport Teaching and learning Learning communities Expanded community International involvement Enable students Learn in relevant Allow access Provide Architectural and interior designs