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Maps in the Spirit of the Commons by Mind Map: Maps in the Spirit of the
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Maps in the Spirit of the Commons



Art Map

Austin's Atlas

Street Art Stories

Yellow Arrow


Eat Your Way Around the World


David Ramsey's Collection

European Protected Sites

Mapping the Republic of Letters

Unesco's World Heritage Sites


Austin Music Map


Disc Golf Courses in Austin, Tx



Travel by Drone



Public Radio Map


Frauhofer Energy Charts

Local Power

NYC Clean Heat Spot the Soot

Open PV Project

Renewable Energy for America

Visualizing the U.S. Energy Grid


USDA Department of Agriculture


Software Licenses Metamap


40 Maps That Explain the Internet

Internet Mapping Project


Opte Project

Public Resources

Blue Route du Grand Montreal Resources

Drinking Water Fountain Map

Great British Public Toilet Map

NYC Public Resources


Public Spaces

Red Swing Project

Street Seats

South Bend Green Spaces


Access Across America

Complete Streets Policy Atlas

EV Charger Maps, ChargeMap, European EV Charging Stations, EV Chargers in California, EV Trip Planner, GoElectric Stations, Open Charge Map, PlugShare, Tesla Supercharger Locations

Subway Maps

US Bus & Amtrak Routes



Census of Marine Life Project Map

Global Forest Change

Ocean Life: Diversity, Distribution, Abundance

Seed Map



European Environmental Agency Map Collection

European Protected Sites

Landscope America

World Heritage List

World Resources Institute Maps


England's Community Forests

Eye On Earth Gallery

Forest Atlas of the Central African Republic


Squirrel Highways



Land-sat Live

Winds On Earth (Live)


FreshyMap: Fresh Snow Fall

Great Lakes Commons Map

James River Maps (Virginia, US)

Map of the 7000 rivers that feed into the Mississippi

National Atlas Streamer

Protect Your Watershed

Water Risk Atlas

Water Risk Indicators

Waterkeeper Swim Guide

World Water Monitoring Challenge

New Economy


Global Hackerspaces

Grassroots Repair & Fixit Map

Hackerspaces & Fablabs Timeline

Maker spaces in Germany

The MakerMap


Europe, Access to Land for Community-Connected Farming, Fruit City, Good Food Near You, LandShare, Mundraub, Nyeleni: European Food Sovereignty Movement, The Soil Association, Todmorden Egg Map, Todmorden Incredible Edible Maps, Urban Orchard Project

Global, Agroecology Infographic, Falling Fruit, Foraging Commons, Fruitmap, Incredible Edibles, Ripe Near Me, Seed Map

N. America, Forage Berkeley, Neighborhood Fruit, ShareShelfLA, Fallen Fruit, Eat Local Grown, Bloomington Urban Harvest

Urban Commons/City as Commons

LabGov's Italy of Commons


unMonastery Assets


Hexayurt Deployment

Land Trusts

CLT Activity in England & Wales

Community Land Trust Directory (US)

Community Land Trusts: Why & How

North Carolina Land Trusts

Texas Land Trust Directory

Open Knowledge

Digital Commons Network

Everything Open and Free

Open Steps: Open Knowledge Directory

Sharing Communities

Asia, Mapping the Commons of Istanbul

Central & South America, Rio de Janeiro Solidarity Economy

Europe, Austria, Sharing City, Graz, Austria, Belgium, Sharing Brussels (Belgium), Finland, Helsinki Commons, France, Paris, France Sharing, Villes en Buen Communs, Germany, Atlas der SolidarischenOkonomie in Nordhessen, Hamburg Teilt!, München teilt!, Sharing City Berlin, Great Britain, Lincoln UK Community Assets, New Cross Commoners, Greece, Athens, Greece, Mapping the Commons of Athens (Greece), Thessaloniki Sharing Map, Ireland, Ireland Sharing, Italy, Map Matea, Share Rome, World of Commons, Zoes, Netherlands, Sharing Enschede Map (Netherlands), Sharing Map Amsterdam, Portugal, Lisboa Partilhada: Shareable Lisbon, Spain, Barcelona Shareable City Map, Ecozoom!, Portal de Economia Solidaria, Slovenia, Map Jam Ljubljana, Europe, Vivir Bien: Resources for a Solidarity Economy

Global, ESS Global, Global Transition to a New Economy, P2P Wikisprint, The Big Transition Map, Transition People Map

Middle East & Africa, Sharing Initiatives

North America, Canada, Sharing Centre Wellington, Ontario, Canada, Toronto Sharing Map, United States, Ann Arbor Sharing Economy, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Austin's Sharing Resources, Berkeley Sharing Economy, Boston Area Solidarity Economy, Chicago Solidarity Economy, Community Wealth Building in the United States, Denver Shares & Cares, Detroit, Mi Solidarity Economy, How to Be a Quiet Revolutionary, Jersey Shore Solidarity Economy, Kansas City (Missouri) - Abundant City, Minneapolis/Twin Cities Sharing, Oakland Mapjam, Philadelphia Solidarity Economy, Share Mountain View, California, Share Pasadena and Los Angeles, Share Fort Lauderdale, FL, Share Lawrence, KS, Share Portland, Oregon, Solidarity NYC, Share Corvallis, Oregon Map, Share St. Louis, Share San Francisco, Sharing Cities Map Jam, Sonoma County, CA, Shareable Stamford, Share Asheville Community Map, Share Charlottesville, Va, Shared Boston, W. Massachusetts (Pioneer Valley) Solidarity Map

Sharing Platforms


Free Little Library

Gear Commons

Global Time Bank Map and Directory





Open Street Initiatives


Bildungsagenten - German Sustainability Projects

EcoCitizen World Map

Spot the Soot: NYC Clean Heat

Tool Share

3D Hubs

Local Tools


Bike Share Map

Biking Wisdom (Manhattan)

Earth’s Community Bicycle Organizations

Global Bike Shops

Open Cycle Map

Pedal Power

Strava Global Running & Hiking


The Bike-sharing World Map

Waymarked Trails: Cycling, hiking, and more



Africa's Happiest Countries

Census Dotmap

Immigration & Jobs: Where US Workers Come From

Mapping America: Every City, Every Block

Mapping Migration in the United States

Office for National Statistics Interactive Maps

Where Everyone in the World is Migrating


Chimère Project - Remix The Commons

Kids in India Are Sparking Urban Planning Changes by Mapping Slums

Lake Macquarie City Council’s Interactive Map

The Civic Crowd

The World We Want

World of Commons


Indigenous Language Map

Map of Our Tribal Nations: Our Own Names & Original Locations

Stz'uminus Storied Places


City of Austin Maps

London Mapper

You Are Here


Vision of Humanity

Public Safety


Wellbeing Toronto


Gay Rights in the US, State by State

LGBT Rights Around the World

Paid Maternal Leave: Almost Everywhere

Rights to Resources

Social Movements

15M Movement Map Local Group Map

750+ #NoKXL Actions

Bridge the Gulf


Fearless Summer 2013

Gezi Protest Map


Idle No More 2012 Events

Idle No More Blockades & Slow-Downs

London Live Protest Map

Low-wage Protests are Spreading

Not Enough: Protests in Brazil

Occupy Map

Occupy Locations

Police Movement during Protests in Istanbul

Stop TPP Fast Track

The Big Transition Map

The Spread of Idle No More

Water Commons Struggles