HOME Assessment Options Survey

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HOME Assessment Options Survey by Mind Map: HOME Assessment Options Survey

1. Survey

1.1. Are you currently actively homeschooling one or more children?

1.1.1. Yes Are you homeschooling all of your school-aged children? No Yes How many children are you homeschooling? Do your homeschooled kids participate in any activities offered by your local public school district? Yes No Which annual assessment option do you prefer? Portfolio Review Standardized Testing

1.1.2. No Our homeschoolers graduated. Empty nest! We looked into homeschooling, but decided not to. Why not? We homeschooled for a time but our kids are now in public school. Why did you discontinue homeschooling? We are not homeschooling for another reason. Would you please explain?

1.2. Have you ever attended HOME's Annual Convention?

1.2.1. Yes How could we improve the convention?

1.2.2. No Why not?

1.3. Have you ever attended HOME's Used Curriculum Sale?

1.3.1. Yes How could we improve the sale?

1.3.2. No Why not?

1.4. How can Homeschoolers of Maine better serve you? What can we improve?

1.5. Would you like to be entered into our drawing for a Kindle Fire Tablet?

1.5.1. We'll need your name and e-mail address

1.5.2. No thank you