Verson 1 testing

I will use the same mind map for version one testing since version 1 functionality collate closely with each other

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Verson 1 testing by Mind Map: Verson 1 testing

1. Data set up and Tear down

1.1. Need to set up data in velocity

1.2. Need to tear down data in velocity

1.3. Should not be mock ups, should be the read deal

2. Constrains

2.1. Do you mind if your test data gets deleted at the end of each sprint deployment ? until SSP is stable ?

2.2. Talking to Velocity / Test environments

3. Non functional testing

3.1. how the visuals will be tested

3.2. How emails will be tested

3.3. What non functional you going to target ?

3.4. Responsive Design

4. Test data set up

4.1. Residential customers

4.2. SMB

4.3. Agri

4.4. BOL

5. Environments

5.1. What Environment for Initial System integration testing ?

5.2. What are other options ?

5.3. How do we set up test data ?

5.4. Can we get a road map for environments ?

5.5. Can we get a dependency map for the test environments ? so everyone knows what is talking to what ?

6. Enterprise Caching

6.1. We are still breaking the stories down to small chunks

6.2. Will be an isolated piece of work sitting alone

6.3. How can you test this ? this won't have a web front end to test

7. Stories for Sprint 2

7.1. MSSP-50 REQ_21 Log into existing account

7.1.1. Login Page building

7.1.2. Successful login attempt

7.1.3. Invalid login attempt Unregistered user Not supported not registered Not activated user user hasn't activated yet unsuccessful activation Account locked down Same browser Different browser Different devices Incorrect inputs Wrong username Wrong password Wrong username and password Invalid Email address ie; saasas@cs Missing inputs Email missing Password missing Missing email and password

7.1.4. System down Front end SSP down Back-end velocity down

7.2. MSSP-46 REQ_34 Link back to homepage

7.2.1. Clicking on the logo

7.3. MSSP-54 REQ_18 Trigger self-service welcome notification

7.3.1. welcome email

7.3.2. email links

7.3.3. Triggering

7.4. MSSP-47 REQ_30 Access Personal Homepage

7.4.1. Look and feel

7.5. MSSP-61 REQ_106 Notification and alert methods

7.5.1. Check Mandrill emails

7.5.2. Test in Mandrill Test mode

7.5.3. Make sure correct variables get passed for different environments

7.5.4. Risk - Mandrill failure scenario ? no template template does not have variables set up

7.6. MSSP-55 REQ_13 Self-service account activation management

7.6.1. Active token

7.6.2. Expired token

7.6.3. Incorrect token

7.6.4. Different screens for expired and incorrect tokens

7.6.5. Password set screen

7.6.6. Password rules and validation

7.6.7. Terms and conditions

7.6.8. automatic login

7.7. MSSP-45 REQ_151 Manual Customer Registration

7.7.1. Test with mock services ?

7.7.2. Test data set up ?

7.7.3. How to handle the activation email ?

8. Stories from Sprint 3

8.1. MSSP-49 REQ_28 Manual Logout

8.1.1. logout option

8.1.2. logout redirect

8.1.3. post logout screen

8.2. MSSP-48 REQ_29 Automatically Terminate Inactive Session

8.2.1. Inactive session error

8.2.2. inactive redirecting

8.2.3. Remember state after session time out ? NFS

8.2.4. Client call after session timeout

8.3. Spikes

8.3.1. Using segement hooks Objectives How to integrate with Intercom Getting user feedback from Qualaroo Implementation documentation Getting accounts and environments set up Set up test accounts for Meridian test ?

8.3.2. intercom configuration Objectives what can we and cant we do from intercom ? ie Rendering Implementation documentation Gettung accounts and environments set up Set up test account for Meridian testing ?

8.4. MSSP-60 REQ_159 Performance Monitoring

8.4.1. Set up environments

8.4.2. understand how it works

8.4.3. Set up accounts

8.5. MSSP-62 REQ_09 Addressable pages

8.5.1. Pages aren't directly without login to the system when required

8.5.2. Check all email links

8.5.3. URLs construction is inline with the Meridian requirement

8.6. Internal stories

8.6.1. MSSP-74 Global switch off for analytic - for testing

9. Backlog

9.1. MSSP-52 REQ_20 Request forgotten password reset

9.1.1. Valid customer Multiple reset attemps successfull reset attempt Redirection Reset password screen Email life cycle issues multiple reset attempts Locked out user trying to reset password deactivated user trying to reset password

9.1.2. invalid customer Unregistered customers Not activated customers Not supported customers invalid Email address

9.2. MSSP-51 REQ_20 Access Meridian contact details

9.2.1. look and feel