Positives of the Gallipoli landing.

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Positives of the Gallipoli landing. by Mind Map: Positives of the Gallipoli landing.

1. Australia was now more than a country full of convicts.

2. Australia finally entered the history books and was noted with other countries who already established a history over 100's of years ago.

3. Pride was divided by the citizens of Australia.

4. Australia was finally given a name.

5. Australia received a new reputation.

5.1. It was seen as a country equal to Europe.

6. The true Australian personality was unveiled by the soldiers.

6.1. Ability to remain cheerful during the toughest of times.

6.2. They were very resourceful when no supplies were short. eg. making weapons out of hand madae items.

6.3. The spirit of friendship.

6.4. Australian grit and courage working with their bravery.

6.5. Respect for all people.

7. Australia was seen as a real force in the military world.