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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. electrical energy

1.1. the energy associated with eletric changes

1.2. eletric changes

1.3. cd players or a flashight

2. electromagnetic energy

2.1. is a form of energy that travels through space in the forms of waves

2.2. travels through space

2.3. visable light and x-rays

3. nuclear energy

3.1. stored energy

3.2. heat and light of the sun

3.3. the energy stored in atomic nuclei

4. potential energy

4.1. is energy that is stored as a result of position ot shape

4.2. shape or position

4.3. book falls or plucking a string

5. machanical energy

5.1. energy that is associated with the motion and position of everyday objects

5.2. everyday objects

5.3. bouncing ball or a speeding train

6. thermal energy

6.1. when an objects atoms move faster

6.2. fast moving atoms

6.3. heating something up

7. chemical energy

7.1. the enrgy stored in chemical bonds

7.2. energy that stored in bonds

7.3. coal and gaoline

8. Kinetic energy

8.1. Kinetic energy of ant moving object depends upon its mass and speed

8.2. mass and speed

8.3. (ke)1/2mv2