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Aplication Software by Mind Map: Aplication   Software
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Aplication Software


Business Software

Word Processing




Note taking

Personal information manager (PIM)

Business software for phones

Business software suites

Project management


Document management

Enterprise computing software

Graphics and Multimedia Software

Computer‐aided design (CAD) software

Desktop publishing software

Paint/Image editing software

Professional photo editing software

Video and audio editing software

Multimedia authoring software

Web page authoring software

Web Applications


Photo Editing and Photo Management


Productivity Suite

Travel and Mapping

Photo Editing

Tax Preparation

Personal Information Manager

File Transfer and E-mail

Software for Home,Personal and Educational Use

Personal finance software

Legal software

Tax preparation software

Personal DTP software

Personal paint/image editing software

Personal photo editing software

Clip art/image gallery

Video and audio editing software

Home design/landscaping software

Travel and mapping software

Reference software

Educational software

Entertainment software

Application Software for Communications

Web Browser


Instant Messaging

Chat Room

Text, Picture, Video Messaging

RSS Aggregator


Newsgroup/Message Board


Video Conferencing

Learning Tools for Application Software

Online Help

Web‐based training

Distance learning (DL)