simple machines

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simple machines by Mind Map: simple machines

1. work

1.1. product of distance and the force in the direction an object moves.

1.1.1. work= force(distance) measured in joules(J)

2. power

2.1. rate of doing work

2.1.1. power= work/time measured in watts(w)

3. mechanical advantage

3.1. number of times that a machine increases an input force.

3.1.1. MA=output force/input force there is not unit

4. 1st class levers

4.1. fulcrum is between the output and input

5. 2nd class levers

5.1. input and output forces are above the fulcrum

6. 3rd class levers

6.1. input and output are below the fulcrum

7. incline planes

7.1. slanted surface along which a force moves an object to a different elevation.

8. wedge

8.1. a v-shaped object whose sides are two inclined planes sloped toward each other.

9. screw

9.1. inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder

10. wheel and axle

10.1. two rigidly attached disks or cylinders, each one with a different radius.

11. pulley

11.1. a rope that fits into groove in a wheel.