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Qualitative research - PCW19, AMEE2010 by Mind Map: Qualitative research - PCW19, AMEE2010
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Qualitative research - PCW19, AMEE2010

Good journal: Social Science and medicine


Why has it become more popular?

What has it given us, what we didn't have before?

What is it particularly good at?

Why Qualitative methods?


Focus groups


Text analysis



Develop a research question

My personal thoughts on this assignment in context of education

Assignment 2: problem definition

My personal thoughts on question 2

Assignment 3: Can your question be studied?

Where do ideas come from

Assignment 4: Unearth your hypotheses, perspectives and assumptions

How many sub questions can you make out of your main question?

New node

Group 1


Role: observer of an interview

Clinicians observe at an additional level



Group 2

Text analysis


Text analysis

See hand out

PPT presentation continued14:47 - missed 30 mins session, started early.

Surgical team checklists

"Kind of theory"

Where to start?


How do we know we do a good job?

Does the use of sound and adequate method guarantee "good" research

Assignment: coding and analysis of qualitative text

Hand out A4 transcript of interview on professionalism

Analysis by facilitator: