Simple Machines

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Simple Machines by Mind Map: Simple Machines

1. Work

1.1. The product of force and distance

1.2. Work=force X distance

1.3. Units=Joules

1.4. Weight lifting and suitcase being pulled

1.5. You use it in simple machines because the machines make work easier to do.

2. Power

2.1. Rate of doing work.

2.2. Power =work/time

2.3. Units= Watts

2.4. Shoveling snow and a snow blower

2.5. Making things easier to do

3. Mechanical Advantage

3.1. Number of the times that the machine increases an input force

3.2. Actual Mechanical advantage = output force/input force. Ideal mechanical advantage = input force/ output force

3.3. No units

3.4. Pushing a wheel barrow and pulling a wheel barrow

3.5. Mutiple forces

4. Incline Plains

4.1. A flat supporting surface tilted at an angle

4.2. A ramp and a slide

4.3. It makes work easier

5. Wedge

5.1. A piece of wood or metal with a thick edge tapering with a thin edge

5.2. A knife or an axe

6. Screw

6.1. A short metal pin.

6.2. Screw and corkscrew

7. Wheel and Axel

7.1. A simple lifting machine consisting of a rope and a wheel

7.2. Ferris wheel and a door nob.

8. Pulley

8.1. A wheel with a groomed rim which a cord passes

8.2. A crane and an elevator

8.3. It makes things easier

9. 1st Class Levers

9.1. Lever in which the fulcrum is positioned between the load and effort

9.2. Scissors and a See Saw

9.3. Makes things easier to do

10. 2nd Class Levers

10.1. A lever in which the load lies between the fulcrum and the effort

10.2. Stapler and Wheel barrow

10.3. Make things easier to do

11. 3rd Class Levers

11.1. A lever in which the effort is placed between the fulcrum and the load

11.2. Tweezers and Staple remover

11.3. They make things easier to do