Simple Machines

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Simple Machines by Mind Map: Simple Machines

1. Work

1.1. An activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.

1.2. W=F* D

1.3. Joules

1.4. Moving an object from one place to another

1.5. Images

1.6. How they relate to simple machines you use simle mashines to make work easier

2. Power

2.1. Definition the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.

2.2. power = work / time

2.3. watts

2.4. images

3. Mechanical Advantage

3.1. The ratio of the force produced by a machine to the force applied to it, used in assessing the performance of a machine.

3.2. MA = FL/FE.

3.3. images

4. class lever

4.1. Where the fulcrum is positioned between the load and the effort

4.2. Hammer, screwdriver,crowbar

4.3. 3

4.4. Makes work easier

5. class lever

5.1. Where the load lies between the fulcrum and the effort.

5.2. Wheelbarrow,pliers,stapler

5.3. 3

5.4. Less effort on the force

6. class lever

6.1. Where the effort is placed between the fulcrum and the load.

6.2. Chopsticks,tweasers,tongs

6.3. 3

6.4. Causes less force to be exerted

7. Simple machine types

7.1. Incline Plane-a flat supporting surface tilted at an angle

7.1.1. Image

7.2. Wedge-a V shaped object whose sides are inclined

7.2.1. Image

7.3. Screw-an inclined planed wrapped around a cylinder

7.3.1. Image

7.4. Wheel and Axle-a simple machine that consists of two rigidly attached discs or cylinders.

7.4.1. Image

7.5. Pulley-a simple machine that consists of two ropes fit into a grove

7.5.1. Image