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Leadership training for junior docs by Mind Map: Leadership training for junior
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Leadership training for junior docs

For junior docs with leadership position

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Leadership in healthcare for junior docs

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@amcunningham suggests

Challenges for leadership-quality improvement

patient safety


How could we maximise impact of this exercise?

What would our colleagues need to be able to do, to make you happier with them?

What could we accomplish with trained doctors?

Can we reduce burn out?

Can we increase their happiness with their jobs?

Can we get them up to contributing to innovation in healthcare?

Should we create a course/learning cycle?

Different levels necessary?

Parallel groups for docs with different backgrounds?

Twitter channel: #LSSJD


Imagine your 24 hours shift

This context has been drafted after my first 24 hours shift in Neurology.

You get a lot of medical experience, See many problems, Solve many problems, Improve your independent medical decision making, improve your scope of safe practice

It's physically disruptive, Exhaustion, Attack on physical health, You are forced to see your own limitations, You are forced to take care of yourself, No when to Say "no", to Colleagues, Eat food when you need it, Take a break when you need it

It's mentally disruptive, Stress, How do you make decisions?, How do you interact with others?, Exhaustion, What does this do to you when you try to solve problems?, How does this impact on potential conflict situations, Emotional, How do you deal with unexpected deaths?, How to deal with feeling not supported, How to deal with conflict, How do you relax?, Getting back to sleep in a shift, Winding down after a shift, How to get a balance in your life?

It's a team experience, Your Junior Colleagues, Your Supervisors, The nurses, The patients and their families

What stimuli does this environment provide for leadership training?, Leadership of self, Leadership of others, Things to learn, Feedback, Personal Development, Goal setting, Where do you want to go?, What do you need to be able to do?, Development of Self and others, Assertiveness, Leadership models and styles