Getting Started with Business Process Management

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Getting Started with Business Process Management by Mind Map: Getting Started with Business Process Management

1. Motivators

1.1. Strategy

1.1.1. BMP originates from an organization’s strategy

1.1.2. BPM is in line with organizational goals and objectives

1.1.3. Department heads hold BPM roles

1.1.4. Formal action plans define BPM

1.2. Business

1.2.1. BPM originates from opportunities, problems, or regulations

1.2.2. BPM is a focused effort based on business triggers

1.2.3. BPM is aligned with overall business objectives

1.3. Process

1.3.1. BPM originates from a business unit manager or process team

1.3.2. BPM is targeted on specific processes

1.3.3. BPM happens on a micro-level within a business unit

2. Before you Begin

2.1. Understand your motivation

2.2. Be mindful of possible aproaches

2.3. Know your goals

2.4. Keep an open mind

3. Approaches

3.1. Under the Radar

3.1.1. Useful for organizations just starting out with BPM

3.1.2. The effort is educational as well as technical

3.1.3. The effort can be pitched as project improvement to not mention BPM

3.2. Pilot Project

3.2.1. An organization gives BPM a trial run

3.2.2. There is buy-in from a business unit or department

3.2.3. Success or failure influences an organization's commitment to BPM

3.3. Full Implementation

3.3.1. BPM is considered a driver for change and improvement

3.3.2. There is committed executive support

3.3.3. Implementation is planned and long term

3.3.4. This approach often begins with well-supported pilot projects

3.4. Business as Usual

3.4.1. BPM carried out by mature organizations

3.4.2. Total commitment from the organization

3.4.3. This approach is rare and usually for process-focused businesses

4. Deciding on an Approach

4.1. What is your motivator?

4.2. Do you have executive support?

4.3. How much BPM experience does your organization have?

4.4. What is your organization's maturity level?

4.5. Will BPM affect your customers?

4.6. Does a hybrid approach fit you?