High School Sports

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High School Sports by Mind Map: High School Sports

1. First Half

1.1. Play Hard

1.2. During warm-ups for our first game, we ran, did a couple of drills and stood in line for the starting lineup and the national anthem

1.3. Have Fun

1.4. Our coach's first words "Girls, I want you to go out there and have fun!"

1.5. There is no "I" in "Team

1.6. Though he gave me the creeps, coach was chill, until he got mad. But he would always tell us to play as a team, because there was no "I" in "team"

1.7. Group effort

1.8. Soccer takes up your team, it's a group effort, every play is a group effort, you can't do any play by yourself...there are always assistants or an assistant for every shot or play you make or do

2. Soccer

2.1. I've always loved the sport

2.2. Soccer has always been in my heart, I love everything about the sport.

2.3. Tryouts

2.4. First day of tryouts was brutal, I remember having to run a mile as a part of tryouts, and for me that was alot considering I had never done that in one day..

2.5. School comes first

2.6. I remember asking my parents if it was okay to play...my parents both being big fans of "DC United" both said "Yes!" Under one condition, school comes first!

2.7. Made the team

2.8. The day we found out if we made the team was hectic, school was crazy, then I went down to the gym and saw the roster on the table, my heart was pounding so hard as if it would jump out my chest. I skimmed through the list and saw my name "Katya Galdamez"

3. Halftime

3.1. Break

3.2. 1st half was done, we were down 2-0, but we weren't gonna let that stop us.

3.3. Conference

3.4. We started to talk about the plan for the second half and what we needed to do better.

3.5. Game Plan

3.6. We started to go over some plays that we learned in practice and I specifically remember coach saying "remember to gurgle during a free kick"

4. Second Half

4.1. "Stay on your man"

4.2. Coach always stressed to us to stay on our mark, or we would lose our person, and potentially get them a goal...which is never good

4.3. Goal!

4.4. About 25 minutes into the second half we shot our first goal out a penalty kick...and I was the injured player. I didn't see the ball coming to my face, and it hit me on my nose and knocked me to the ground...I got a nosebleed but we shot a goal...I guess it was a good thing that I fell in the box

4.5. Pick up the pace

4.6. Scoring a goal always feels great and gives you adrenaline...even enough to score another

4.7. "Thats the game!"

4.8. Luckily second half gave us more power, we got the ball more, and had more shots..unfortunately, not enough, we lost our first game 2-1. But we played good, played hard, but most importantly, had fun