DNA To Protein

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DNA To Protein by Mind Map: DNA To Protein

1. Who

1.1. Transcription, DNA, mRNA, Individual nucleotides of RNA

2. What

2.1. DNA starts to make messenger RNA

3. When

3.1. When a gene is present in order to code for a protein.

4. Where

4.1. Nuclear envelope

5. How

5.1. DNA starts to uncoil. Once the DNA strands are separated, a single strand starts to synthesis of a complementary mRNA strand. After mRNA synthesis is completed the 2 strands of DNA recouple and the molecules will recoil and create its double helix. The proccess of mRNA leaves nucleaus to enter in to the cytoplasim.

6. Why

6.1. In order to create new copies of mRNA.

7. Who

7.1. Translation, mRNA, tRNA, Ribosomes, Amino acids.

8. What

8.1. RNA is starting to make a polypeptide chain

9. When

9.1. When a gene is present in order to code for a protein.

10. Where

10.1. In cytoplasm

11. How

11.1. tRNA carries amino acids to mRNA. tRNA anticodon pairs with mRNA codon. Ribosomes starts to move down mRNA chain. The tRNA detaches from mRNA making it to keep going. When stop codon is reached, the process starts to end. Animo acid chain is released from the Ribosomes. Later on Amino acid chains become proteins.

12. Why

12.1. In order to create new Amino acid chains and form new proteins.