Local culture, popular culture, and cultural landscapes

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Local culture, popular culture, and cultural landscapes by Mind Map: Local culture, popular culture, and cultural landscapes

1. Field Note: Preserving culture

1.1. Tata is a corporation that brings television into homes

1.2. Parsi fled present day Iran to Western India

1.3. Parsi only recognizes Parsi children if they're born from two Parsi parents.

1.4. Parsi women are highly educated and don't have kids until late in their life

2. How is popular culture diffused?

2.1. Innovation of agriculture took more than 10,000 years to diffuse while the printing press took less than 100 years

2.2. Canada grew from 2 million-7 million Facebook subscribers from 2007-2010

2.3. In China and North Korea Facebook is blocked but for China a mere copy of it "RenRen" which means everybody

2.3.1. If you go to a cinema in South Korea you can watch a movie in English with Korean subtitles

3. How are local cultures sustained?

3.1. Many countries today are apologizing to their indigenous populations for how they were treated

3.2. USA has not yet apologized to their indigenous population like Australia and Canada has

3.3. In the past 5 centuries Anabaptist groups have migrated to more rural areas

3.3.1. Unlike Amish people, Hutterites have adapted to technology to help their crops

3.3.2. Colonies assign separate jobs to men and women

3.4. In 1990s Makah American Indians reinstated whale hunts now that they were off endangered species list

3.4.1. Makah wasn't allowed to hunt whales with traditional canoes and harpoons, instead had to use a .50 caliber rifle

3.5. Ethnic neighborhoods like Chinatown and Little Sweden exist from when their ancestors migrated there (the U.S.)

4. What are local and popular cultures?

4.1. local culture is a group of people in a particular place who see themselves as a collective or a community, who share customs

4.2. material culture is things people construct like houses, art, food, and sports

4.3. Fashion diffuses faster than any other material culture

4.4. The farther things are from the hearth of the cultural item the longer it will take to get to them

5. How can local and popular cultures be seen in the cultural landscape?

5.1. Human imprint includes things like buildings, signs, and fences that have shaped the enviroment

5.2. Many of the 700+ feet skyscrapers were built from the same architects

5.3. There are 2 hotels, one in Las Vegas and one in Macau, China, built to resemble Venice, Italy