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Christopher Kahler by Mind Map: Christopher Kahler
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Christopher Kahler

Chistopher Kahler was born in the Philippines, lived in Australia, Bangladesh and the Middle East and is now based in Austria. After an engineering study in the US, he earned a degree in biomechanics at the University of Vienna and founded his frst company in Shanghai. Christopher is busy with build- ing his second company.

The Future of free, digital Information

The vast majority of free in- formation and services on the Web, everything from Google to Facebook is financed through advertising. This approach has not changed since the begin- ning of the mass media. His lecture deals with thoughts on this fundamental change in the way we think about freedom of information.

Colors of links

The bluer the link, the more likely you are to click on it

today's digital life is built around advertising

300-3000 ads per day

The model

relatively unchanged since the dawn of mass media

Services are designed to be most efficient at generating ad revenue

An Ad is an inticement

Instead of serving an ad, what if be ask them something


Why are we paying for "free"?

Google ad for sunglasses $10

$9 to the merchant

You've paid for your search query


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