Christopher Kahler

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Christopher Kahler by Mind Map: Christopher Kahler

1. The Future of free, digital Information

2. Legend

2.1. Nodes are drag and drop, place them anywhere you like

2.2. Use the + and - icons to expand/collapse nodes

2.3. Hover over the circle with lines to read attached notes

2.4. The forward pointing arrow indicates a link associated with the node

3. Colors of links

3.1. The bluer the link, the more likely you are to click on it

3.2. today's digital life is built around advertising

3.2.1. 2.1% of the US GDP

3.3. 300-3000 ads per day

3.3.1. average american view

4. The model

4.1. relatively unchanged since the dawn of mass media

4.2. Services are designed to be most efficient at generating ad revenue

4.3. An Ad is an inticement

4.3.1. witness, wallets, walking

4.4. Instead of serving an ad, what if be ask them something

4.4.1. replace "buy" with "Think"

4.4.2. 1% of all ads were clicked ad placed in standard ad area

4.5. Flattr

4.5.1. Microtransaction donations from a centralized wallet

4.5.2. microtransaction donation

5. Why are we paying for "free"?

5.1. Google ad for sunglasses $10

5.2. $9 to the merchant

5.2.1. $1 to Google

5.3. You've paid for your search query