Analysis of Krept & Konan - My Story

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Analysis of Krept & Konan - My Story by Mind Map: Analysis of Krept & Konan - My Story

1. Middle

1.1. The lyrics towards the middle of the middle of the song include: Then God gave us Otis it was a blessing from Him [...] Then things fell in place and started improving That's why I say the music chose us, we didn't choose it [...] Skepta hollered at me, said we should come on tour [...] Back on our feet now the money started flooding in

1.2. The middle of My Story is dedicated to showing the audience how they have come from this tragic incident, though, of course, still deal with it in their own personal ways. They have transformed, and the transition the video makes - in their tracksuits, walking down their street - to the similar street, wearing expensive clothes and their own brand I Play Dirty, shows us though they have come into the hands of riches, they are still the same people, who know and are proud of where they come from. The way it transitions here is very creative and could possibly be recreated in our reproduction of Fell Apart somehow

1.3. At this point of the song Krept has a flashback from when Konan's mother came to him to tell him to take care of her song. The camera lingers on them as she hugs him, doing a 180 degree arc shot. This suggests Krept knows half of what she is feeling, having been there as Konan told him, but not knowing how it must have felt, with Carl not being his immediate family. Here, the audience can sense that they understand each other.

1.3.1. There is also a small compilation of clips that are fading in and out of Krept's mind leading up to where he is now: all the "Blood, sweat and tears" that is referenced in the lyrics

2. Ending

2.1. The end is very celebratory of their success. Here they wear all black clothes - maybe the are respecting Carl (to say Rest In Peace) but it seems they are showing off the type of fashion successful grime artists wear, who usually keep their wardrobes very simple whilst still obviously expensive.

2.1.1. As the screen fades the black and the song fades out there is some unsyncronous sound playing: we hear the screams of a crowd (which sounds like it's mostly girls) and one of the duo, or someone else, as they get thee crowd ready for Krept and Konan's performance. This could be the performance in Skepta's tour they mention before, or a festival performance. Either way, it shows the audience how big they are and how many people appreciate and are fans of their music.

3. Type of music video: ILLUSTRATION Types of editing used: slow motion, jump cuts, fade to black, video compilation/montage

4. Begining

4.1. This song is a direct link to its lyrics. Konan is walking and reliving his own memory of when his brother Carl is shot. There is a sense that he has already gone through this reality because of the look of dread on his face that something really bad is about to happen. As he gets out of a mysterious car with a hidden driver (probably a gang member or Krept), and is walking down his street to his home

4.2. The use of slow motion is really emphasised here. It shows us how fast it actually happened and how much Konan wished he had more time. It also suggests as the attack in their home happened it didn't feel real, like an out of body experience.

4.2.1. This has a visual contrast to when everything was peaceful, before the attack begins and Konan runs into the room to alert his family. In this cutaway clip, the camera tracks out from his mother - who is wearing her wedding ring, sleeping with her husband - and brother sleeping, very unaware and unprepared for what may happen in under 2 minutes.

4.3. at around 1:10, the screen dramatically cuts to black as a gunshot is heard, and Konan's father is shot. Then again at 1:30, Carl is shot. This is a really effective way to illustrate the gunshot, as no good can come from a gun and it is only the doing of pure evil - therefore is the purest black

4.4. The close up shots here show the raw emotion coming from both Konan and his mother

4.4.1. There is also a rack focus that goes from Konan's mother to Konan. His mother is visibly breaking apart whereas Konan seems numb from some overwhelming feeling