Understanding Slope

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Understanding Slope by Mind Map: Understanding Slope

1. Prior Knowledge

2. Misconceptions

3. Future Topics

4. Key Terms

5. Students will often incorrectly write slope with an x attached

6. Don't confuse slope (m) for other letters (A, B, C, b, x, or y)

7. Subtracting a negative number becomes addition

8. All fractions should always be written in simplest form

9. Slope-Intercept form of a line

10. Point-Slope form of a line

11. Don't mix up your points. One point will be (x1, y1), the other is (x2, y2)

12. Slope = rate of change

13. Slope describes the STEEPNESS of a line

14. Slope is a NUMBER

15. The slope of horizontal line is zero. The slope of a vertical line is undefined.

16. Slope is the change in y divided by the change in x

17. Slope is denoted by the letter m

18. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines