The Internet and World Wide Wed

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The Internet and World Wide Wed by Mind Map: The Internet and World Wide Wed

1. The world wide web

1.1. Browsing the Web

1.2. Web Addresses

1.3. Navigeting Web Pages

1.4. Searching the Web

1.5. Types of Web Sites

1.6. Evaluating a Web Site

1.7. Multimedia on the Web

1.8. Web Publishing

2. Companies on the cutting EDGE

2.1. Google

2.2. eBay

3. Evolution of the Internet

3.1. Connecting to the internet

3.2. Access Providers

3.3. Data and information Travel the Internet

3.4. Internet Addresses

4. Other internet services

4.1. E-mail

4.2. Mailimg Lists

4.3. Instant Messaging

4.4. Chat Rooms

4.5. VoIP

4.6. FTP

4.7. Newsgroup and Mesage Boards