Mariah By Che Husna Azhari

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Mariah By Che Husna Azhari by Mind Map: Mariah By Che Husna Azhari

1. Mariah was a widowed and a nasi seller in Molo, a small village in Kelantan, who at the same time so much admired by the village men. She was regarded as a threat or a troublemaker by the society especially the women in the village because their husbands neglect their home cooking and pursue to Mariah’s Kedai Merpati for her nasi berlauk. The village Imam who has been married fifteen years with Cik Yam discovered that Mariah looks so much alike to his past love, the Sheikh’s daughter during his first visit to Mariah’s stall. He started to breakfast more frequently there until when he finally decided to take Mariah as his second wife. His decision was agreed by Cik Yam out of her love towards her husband, the Imam. The marriage received blessings from the community as the issue with the troublemaker may be put to an end when the most righteous Imam marry Mariah and at the same time resolved the childless problem in the Imam and Cik Yam’s marriage.

2. Characters

2.1. Mariah

2.1.1. A beautiful widowed

2.1.2. An independent girl who selling various type of nasi in Molo

2.1.3. Usually wears a short kebaya with kain lepas

2.1.4. Admired by men in her village

2.2. Imam

2.2.1. Religious man

2.2.2. Respected by all people in the village

2.2.3. Husband to Cik Yam

2.2.4. A secretive person when it comes to his feeling towards Mariah

2.3. Cik Yam

2.3.1. Wife to Pak Imam

2.3.2. Very loyal to her husband

2.3.3. She has a good cooking skills

2.3.4. Very virtuous because she ignored all the gossip about her husband and Mariah

2.3.5. Unable to pregnant

3. Plot

3.1. Introduction

3.1.1. The story begins with the exposition of the main character who is Mariah as the beautiful widowed who sell Nasi Berlauk.

3.1.2. It describes how Mariah's beautiful figure appears as she walks in as all eyes were transfixed on a figure coming through the entrance.

3.1.3. Her attitudes seemed to mesmerise the men around her. It also describes how Mariah was admired by men in her village

3.2. Rising action

3.2.1. When Mariah was accused of putting something into her Nasi Berlauk to enchant all men in the village including Pak Imam by the head of women folk Che Gu Nab

3.2.2. It follows with the flash back of Pak Imam's past about his unforgettable secret love 15 years ago with the daughter of his master, the Sheikh.

3.3. Climax

3.3.1. When Pak Imam asks permission from his wife Cik Yam to marry Mariah.

3.3.2. He begged Cik Yam's forgiveness and kissed hem of Cik Yam's sarong and asked for her permission to take Mariah as his second wife.

3.4. Falling Action

3.4.1. When Cik Yam finally agreed to let Pak Imam to marry Mariah in the condition of equality.

3.4.2. The story resolves with Pak Imam finally marry Mariah.

4. Theme

4.1. Sacrifice for the happiness of a beloved

4.2. Humans have feeling and urges that cannot be fought

5. Sypnosis

6. Point's of view

6.1. Omnicient knowing everything as we can see the thoughts of Cik Yam, the Imam and to a lesser extent, Mariah at the end of the story

7. Settings

7.1. Time

7.1.1. Morning: Seven sharp Mariah will walk past the market entrance into the village square with her nasi.

7.1.2. Noon, 12.30: Where Imam came home after do his usual business

7.2. Place

7.2.1. Small village in Molo

7.2.2. Imam's house

7.2.3. Mariah's Kedai Merpati

7.3. Mood

7.3.1. Sad: Cik Yam have to agree to the second marriage of her husband.

7.3.2. Angry: When CikYam threw "tudung saji" on the floor and found out that her husband want to take Mariah as his second wife.