Mobile Apps: Gibeson & Lewis

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Mobile Apps: Gibeson & Lewis by Mind Map: Mobile Apps: Gibeson & Lewis

1. Writing

1.1. Story Kit

1.1.1. Using Story Kit, users can rewrite one of four included classic children's books or start from scratch to write their own book. Stories can be enhanced through sound recordings, hand drawn illustrations, or uploaded photographs. Finished books can be shared via an email link within the app.


1.2. Book Creator

1.2.1. Using Book Creator, students can create and publish their own book. The app features many creative choices such as font, color, orientation, and layout. Students can even access templates to make comic books. Finished books can be shared via a variety of other apps like Facebook, Google Apps, Email, and more; they can also be published to the iBooks store! Students can also use cloud printing to print their final publication.


1.3. Vocabulary Spelling City

1.3.1. Vocabulary Spelling City is a free app that allows students to play a variety of games that help them to practice key spelling and vocabulary skills. Teachers can upload custom word lists for students to master.


1.4. Story Smith Fantasy Story Maker


1.4.2. This app is an elementary level app that allows students to create a fantasy story. They can add pictures as well. The graphics are appealing to younger children.

2. Math

2.1. Monster Math

2.1.1. A free app in which students play through a variety of adaptive game levels and worlds as they practice a variety of math skills at the same time.


2.2. Reflex Math

2.2.1. A free app that is available after a school or district subscription to Reflex Math. Students can log in via the app from anywhere once the account is set up by their teacher. Students play a variety of games that focus on math fact fluency. The app monitors progress and fluency levels and awards certificates when new facts are mastered. Students also earn tokens through game play that can be used to customize their avatar.


2.3. Thinking Blocks Multiplication


2.3.2. A free app that teaches six modeling problem solving strategies for solving word problems involving multiplication. The app is best used with students who are already learning modeling strategies such as those taught in Singapore Math programs.

2.4. Sushi Monsters


2.4.2. An app that is geared toward elementary children. It focuses on multiplication while providing monsters as graphics to encourage engagement.

2.5. Virtual Manipulatives


2.5.2. This app has a variety of online manipulatives for students to use. It is handy when physical manipulatives are not available. It includes fractions, decimals and percents.

2.6. Geoboard By The Math Learning Center


2.6.2. This app is an online geoboard. It provides different color rubber bands for creating shapes. Ideal for when physical geoboards are unavailable in the classroom.

2.7. Multiplication Games Math Free


2.7.2. An app geared toward students who are learning their multiplication. It has practice activities to help students learn their times tables.

3. Science/Social Studies

3.1. Kidozpedia

3.1.1. A free app that contains an interactive encyclopedia for kids. Content is organized into 5 categories that are easy for students to navigate. All articles contain multiple color photographs and a voice over button that will read the article aloud to students.


3.2. Science Physics for Kids


3.2.2. An app geared for elementary students. It teaches basic physics skills and concepts in a colorful and engaging environment.

3.3. US States Capitals


3.3.2. This is an app that asks questions about the US state capitals. It is a question and answer format.

3.4. US Presidents Facts Free


3.4.2. A free app that shows fun facts about the US Presidents. It could be used for review or enrichment to the regular curriculum.

4. Reading

4.1. Princesses Learn Sight Words


4.1.2. An app for teaching sight words. This is geared toward younger elementary students. It is also geared towards female students. It uses the graphics of a princess to teach basic sight words.

4.2. Inference Ace


4.2.2. This is an app that specifically focuses on making inferences. It includes test-style questions and quizzes over the content with an emphasis on making inferences.

4.3. Reading Comprehension Practice Grades 3-4


4.3.2. This app focuses specifically on third and fourth grade skills. It includes different reading comprehension skills and is written in a question and answer format.

4.4. Orpheus the Lyrical: Figuratie Language


4.4.2. This app is a game-based app that provides practice of identifying figurative language categories. It is engaging in that it is a game, but provides academic content. Students answer an academic question each time they hit an enemy. If they answer incorrectly, they perish.

5. Presentation

5.1. Chatter Pix Kids

5.1.1. A free app that allows users to make any still image talk! Simply draw a line on your image to become the moving mouth, record what you would like your picture to say, and add visual sticker enhancements like hats, glasses or other props. Students can create "talking heads" to present their learning in any subject area using pictures of themselves or other items.


5.2. WikiLearn Cr8tor


5.2.2. An app geared towards educators that allows the creation of a presentation that utilizes voice and visuals. You can create and do basic editing.

5.3. Facetastic Slideshow Maker to create time-lapse movies


5.3.2. This app creates slideshows using pictures and music. It shows progression over time and could be used for documenting events over a school year.

6. Communication

6.1. Class Dojo

6.1.1. An app that is used for organizational purposes. It can track student behavior and attendance. It also has a feature where the parents can view to see how their child is doing behaviorally.


6.2. DIY App, Creative Community for Kids


6.2.2. A social media app geared for kids aged 9-11. It allows a variety of options including exploring skills and careers and keeping a portfolio. Students can communicate with others and post what they are doing.

6.3. KidzWorld


6.3.2. A social media app for kids that claims to be fully moderated and safe. Students can communicate with each other as well as keep track of news that is of interest to them.