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Cocktails on the Titanic by Mind Map: Cocktails on the Titanic
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Cocktails on the Titanic


What do you do when your market looks like it might be shrinking 10-20%?

Austerity agenda

Perfect storm for GI coming

How will you respond?

PErfect STorm



Social Trends

Suggest OSS, Open Data and Free or Freeish API's all respond to these trends and combine to to challenge established GI business models


Expectation of free data and services

Free or freeish API's from G, M & OSM have responded to or created this demand

Challenge to providers of data s/ware & svcs

Vendors response

Open Data

Nov 2009, GB Making Public Data Public

OS Bombshell

Emergence of volunteered GI as fit for many purposes

Vendors response


Not the Office of Strategic Services that preceded the CIA

OSS now recognised as viable and cost effective solution in many areas of IT

UK implementation of INSPIRE will be OSS based

Vendor Response

What's going to happen

Increase in demand for Geoinformation, tools and applications

Some businesses will adapt and prosper

New businesses will evolve

Flurry of innovation and creativity

Almost certainly some of todays players and leaders will sip Cocktails on the Titanic when they should be remodelling their business