Sociology of the Mass Media

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Sociology of the Mass Media by Mind Map: Sociology of the Mass Media

1. determinism

1.1. some people see think that the media educates, informs and entertains and gives the audience the opportunity to choose from a wide range. others are think that it has a negative and controlling effect on audiences because they uncritically receive the messages being transmitted.

1.2. using the term 'media determinism', McLuhan argues the media has a determining influence on social change. he believes the use of the media effects how people experience life, society and the world.

2. censorship

2.1. refers to ways of regulating and controlling the media. this involves preventing or removing material from reaching its audience or restricting the audience being reached.

2.2. censorship is something the government and regulatory bodies use and can be brought about by the decisions and judgements of media professionals, known as self-censorship.

2.3. government censorship includes the use of the official secrets act and DA notices to prevent the reporting of certain events incase it damages national security.

2.4. some people believe that censorship is used to control peoples views by not showing them everything so they can't gain a full picture of the circumstances

3. mass media

3.1. in the 1920s and 30s it was used as a straight forward definition for communicating with a large audience.

3.2. definitions of the mass media have become complex as new technology has allowed instant access to information all the time.

3.2.1. McLuhan describes a "global village".

3.3. McCullagh provides a defintition. "the mass media are simply mean through which content, whether fact of fiction is produced by organisations and transmitted to and received by an audience".

3.4. Devereux (2008) contributes a useful analysis

3.4.1. mass media as means of communication between 'senders' and 'receivers'.

3.4.2. mass media texts as cultural products with social,cultural and political significance.

3.4.3. mass media as industries or organisations.

3.4.4. mass media as agents of social change and globalisation

3.4.5. mass media texts as commodities produced by media industries.

3.4.6. mass media texts as commodities produced by media industries.

3.4.7. mass media as agents of socialisation and powerful sources of social meaning.