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DED137 TG3 by Mind Map: DED137 TG3
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DED137 TG3

Cyberwellness (session 2)

Definition (what does "cyberwellness" mean?)


positive and healthy well-being at internet, awareness of dangers and self-protection

Emotional Well Being

use it appropriately for your well being

Psychological Well Being, To do things in moderation

Safety and security of the internet

Knowledge/awareness on the use of internet

Set of skills, To publish things, To interpret sources, To use it for the "Right" reasons

Safety & Security, To know what info should be posted, Be aware of potential dangers

The safety and security online

Skills related to internet use

To be both psychologically and physically well when using the internet.

Awareness on the possible threats and risks we face online.

Safety and security online

Safety on the internet

Awareness of the positive and negative effect of online activities

Safety online

Well being when using the internet

New node

The appropriate use of the internet to exchange information without violating privacy and committing crime

Safety use of internet-managing information appropriately

Concepts (what are some examples of cyberwellness topics?)

psychological effect of cyber

gaming addiction


Dangers of the internet

Safe and responsible use

Cyber gaming and comments on social networking sites

Emotional influences/effects

inappropriate surfing of internet

Cyber addiction

addiction to social networking sites (spending too much time, in the process neglecting social life)

Importance of cyberwellness

Shaping the whole well-being of an individual, educate the youngs on how to protect themselves online and how to behave appropriate with integrity.

encourages healthy cyber culture for the internet community

prevent social irresponsibility in expense of faster, higher learning with changing society

Promote awareness related to internet use as a crucial life skill

Introductions (2 truths, 1 lie)


Joo Chan Hock, Joseph, I can speak Thai., I like Brit Pop Music., I can't swim but am a certified Scuba diver.

Hafifah Tan, I like chocolates, i used to live New Zealand, i like to watch football

Arfah Lubis, I like to listen to Japanese music, I like to watch horror movies, I used to play the French horn in band

Weiqiang, I kept 16 hamsters at one point!, I can do 20 pull up at one shot!, I ran a full marathon before!

Odilia, i have 2 dogs called Peanut and Butter, I have 2 cats called Love and Hope, I have 2 hamsterscalled Ham and Stir

Miin, When I'm angry I'll cough non stop, I would like to learn yoga and german, I found a rhino beetle today and I kept it in my room

han, my hair is my number one priority!, i'm a biker!, im afraid of heights

Jessica, I love preschoolers., I HATE KIDS OLDER THAN 5 YEARS OLD!!!, I annoy all my secondary school kids as I teach. :D

Angela, I love to sleep, I love to sing, I Love to read

Diana, I collect stamps, New node, I have a cat, I have 10 nephew and nieces

Cheryl Chua, I can play the piano, New node, I can make my hands perspire, I have rolled down two flights of stairs

Irma, i am part of a fraternal twin, i represented singapore in 2 international art events, i wanted to become a policewoman when i was in Primary 1


Isa, I can sing very well, I play the piano, I know how to use Sonar Home Studio

Deborah, I can play at least 5 instruments, I have a 26 years old boyfriend, I traveled to 10 countries before

Jingyi, I can play the piano., I can play the violin., I can play the harp.

Carmen, I can play the gamelan, I can drive, I can do makeup

Samantha, I've sang in an opera before, I've had chicken pox before, I can wakeboard

Bryan, I love Liverpool, I play the guitar, I love the Beatles

New node

Home economics

Inderjit (Jit), I have a sick fetish to watch horror shows, I have had a Jetski accident before, I can cycle 2km in 10 mins

Dk Farah, I love travelling to different countries with my family, I love to compete in track events, I can sleep for the whole day

Eve Lai, I love to watch dramas, I have 3 hamsters and they live together happily, I cant cycle

Justine Tham, I exercise everyday, I have 5 siblings, I am scared of dogs

Angela Ho, My bag contents resembles a junkyard, I have very good navigation skills, I cannot cycle

Laura, I have an advanced certificate in diving, I shower with cold water, I cannot swim

xi ling, I hate dogs, I do charity work, I always wake up before 11am

Absa, I have a 1 yr old daughter, I was an ex fire fighter, I can lie very well

Shimah, I can swim, I am a chicken lover, I like cats


Ashley Tan, I can write backwards, I ballroom dance, I have abseiled down a waterfall

New node