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Copy of How To Start An Instant Software Product by Mind Map: Copy of How To Start An Instant
Software Product
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Copy of How To Start An Instant Software Product

Find A Niche

Insurance broker

Find industry association

Find their websites, look for products they sell

How do they sell their products

Looking for broker with office of 10 or 12 agents, not smaller shops

"Top 100 insurance brokers of los angeles"

Goto and goto Los Angeles and type in insurance brokers

Contact The Niche

Speak to the owner of the firm

Look for managing director or CEO

Send the email

If can't find the name of the person in charge, Assistant picks up the phone, "Hey Mary, I want to connect the owner of the firm to an invitation I'm sending, but I want to make sure it gets to the right person. Who is the managing owner of the business? Just to be sure I'm sending it to the right email, do I send it to [Insert first name] @ the"

Email says

"Bob I'm talking to experienced insurance brokers in the industry and your name has popped up. I just wanted to touch base and find out in your opinion, what the most important things are for the future growth of the industry."

Next call Bob right after sending the email

Get Bob On the phone

If get gatekeeper, Act like you know Bob already, "I've just shot Bob an email, I want to be sure he got it, can you just put me through to Bob please, just let him know it's John calling.", 60% of the time if said with confidence they will put you through to Bob, 1 in 3 times is also good. 33%, It will be easier for the gatekeeper to put you through

With Bob on the phone

First thing you say, You say: Bob I just sent you an email and I want to be sure you got it., Bob thinks "who the hell are you and why are you calling me.", You say: Bob you don't know me. I just want to follow up on the email I sent you. But if you can just give me 60 seconds, you can decide whether we continue this phone call. Is that fair?, Bob usually says: Sure., John has never had anyone say no., One of the reasons I'm calling you is because I'm speaking with senior people in the insurance industry. And identifying some of the challenges in relation too growing businesses within this competitive market. So I'm talking to experienced experts like yourself to identify some of the key challenges and frustrations and some of the changes that are having an impact on the industry. With a view too looking at strategies on solutions that can help the industry become more effective. Is it ok if I ask you a few questions?, Questions are..., How long you been in this business for?, What got you into this business in the first place?, What's exciting about this business?, What do you hate about this business?, What are some of the most important things that need to happen for a business like yours to flourish in this market?, Whats the biggest frustration you've got with sales?, Is it too many leads?, Not enough leads?, If I gave you 10 prospects to your firm, what would be the conversion rate to convert them into an insurance product?, Usually say 10 and 20%, Interestingly acrossed most industries, How much does an average client spend with you?, Answer: Roughly $5,000 dollars, So you're bleeding $40,000 for every 10 leads. In this firm how many leads would you go through in a month?, We got 5 guys, doing 100 presentations, we close 20 deals. And we lose 80 deals., $400,000 lost opportunity, 4.8 million lost in a year, If we could convert one more deal we could increase your sales by more than 50%, Is it ok if we talk through a way in which that can become a reality?, If we automate this process and filter all leads who don't buy into a system, do you think we'd pick up an extra 1 or 2 sales from that?, What would you invest to automate that entire process? What's that worth to you?, Once we've heard $40,000 for a system like that., And mailchimp only costs you $200 to run it., Can I show you how we can put this process in place and you'd probably pay for the system in the first month?

Nearly 100% of the time Bob has not seen your email

Find existing software

Mailchimp, Costs you $200 a month.

Tailor existing software.