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The Girl by Mind Map: The Girl

1. Rebel, looks free

1.1. Own personality, doesn't care about other

2. Looks expressive

3. Looks carefree

4. She's influenced by her friends

5. Looks laid back and relaxed

6. She thinks she is one of the cool people

7. She looks like she's grown up in a conservative family but she's rebelled. She's a wannabe

8. Her family is well off. Perhaps they're well respected. School is somewhere she doesn't feel trapped

9. She's suppressed at home. School means freedom.

10. She leads two different lives. She's s good girl at home but at school she can show what she's really like.

10.1. New node

11. She's putting on an act

12. She's scared of being average. That's why she dresses the way she does.

13. She has no future of her own. She is too dependent on her family. She's relying on them too much. She's spoilt.

14. She's trying to fit in where she can't really. She's held back by her friends

15. She's trying to fit in. The girl behind her may have been taking the mick out of her. Maybe she's being bullied.

16. She's given up. Her parents don't really care about her.

17. She wants her own identity. She puts own those clothes to try and get an identity.

18. She doesn't care because she has no insight in what could happen in the future. She's too fixed in the present.

19. She looks like she isn't self conscious or concerned about her body image. She doesn't conform to stereotypes.

20. She has a stable homelife but she's bored with it.

21. She keeps herself to herself

22. She has a good home life but she's fallen into the wrong crowd at school.

23. Maybe she was kicked out of her old school becuase she was so rebellious.. now she's in a unit.

24. She doesn't have any friends. Her face in the picture makes her look mean. All she thinks about is herself. She looks like a hustler... no one wants to hang around with her.

25. She wants to be popular. She wants to go out partying - she's trying to look like someone she's not - older than she is - creating a rebel image for herself.

26. School is an escape from home. She wants to get away from her parents.

27. A friend took the picture. She is posing. Maybe she gets bad grades and doesn't care about school.

28. She hung around with the wrong people outside of school. This has now gone wrong and she doesn't know what to do.