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Instructional Design by Mind Map: Instructional Design
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Instructional Design

for handheld devices

Classification of educational mobile applications

Functional framework

using Web 2.0 technology



characteristics of innovative applications of Internet

using it in education

concerning the nature of mind

models of mind

Learner-centered view of collaborative technology

constructivist view on collaborative technology

sociocultural view on collaborative technology



definition of the field of instructional design and technology

cores of the field

source of decision making

criteria of designing a solution in instructional design model

issues considered in most models

factors that have been ignored


alias of systematic instructional design procedures

processes involved in most of the instructional design models

reasons of not being used by teachers

recommendations of improving existing instructional models


during World War II

immediately after World War II

mid-1950s to mid-1960s




in digital environments

some facts about conventional instructional approaches

resource-based learning environments (RBLEs)

things that an individual should do to manage their learning or teaching

concerning technology-based learning

influence by

factors that affect instructional decision making and technology integration

strategy for preparing individuals for the contemporary world

design framework

issues that resist changes and continuously driving teachers towards direct instruction

involves theory of concepts


conceptual change