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Brand Map by Mind Map: Brand Map

1. Technical talent on demand (reduce recruitment time)

2. Andela's tone is intellectually causal. Be clear and informative before entertaining. Are they confused, excited, annoyed, curious.

3. by having a developer through Andela, we are guaranteeing your happiness. Guarantee satisfaction. we have evaluated them for 6 months before we place them on your team. cross cultural interaction that is very rare in our world. elite of tech world has gotten behind this. mentors are from stock overflow etc… the fellows don’t have to ask you all the time. challenges for junior developer often ask you question. the fellows have Andela mentors so they don’t bother you. Actual developers at Google who are mentors to fellows at Andela - extra brand power to your team that you couldn’t hire for even if you wanted to.

4. Brand Archetype

4.1. 1) Sage

4.2. 2) Innocent

4.3. 3) Creator

5. Values

5.1. Excellence

5.2. Passion

5.3. Integrity

5.4. Collaboration

6. Brand name

6.1. Andela

7. Our customers currently consist of

7.1. Mid-size high growth tech companies

7.2. Startups with at least 1 senior developer

7.3. Large tech enabled corporations

7.4. Companies that are <6 years old with a B2C business model

7.5. Focus: 75% SMBs / 25% “enterprise” “enterprise defined as Fortune 5000 type and companies that could easily take 10+ devs

8. Decision makers

8.1. CTO

8.1.1. Pain points Marketing aspects of the company Overall company culture How to build out the next generation of engineers Using latest technology Technology strategy lining up with company

8.2. VP, Engineering

8.2.1. Pain points Recruiting Fitting with the team Keeping within budgeted spend Need for variety of skills Management of developers is a pain

8.3. CEO

8.4. VP, Product

9. Tangible benefits

9.1. Reduce HR overhead

9.2. Reduce recruitment costs

9.3. Build tech faster

10. For outsourcing

10.1. "We can help you make outsourcing not suck"

10.2. reinventing technical hiring for the 21st century. there are 5 jobs for every developer. find within a month a genius level dev, and they will stay with you for longer than anyone you’d hire.

10.3. Re-inventing outsourcing for the 21st century

10.4. Pain

10.4.1. Poor quality

10.4.2. Poor communication

10.4.3. High turnover

10.4.4. Not dedicated / low culture / integration

11. Target markets

11.1. Large corporations

11.2. Tech companies

11.3. Startups

12. Positioning statement

12.1. Andela helps engineering teams scale faster. We recruit the top talent across Africa, train them to be full-stack developers and place them with companies like Microsoft and Udacity to meet their technology, diversity, and business goals.

13. Category descriptor

13.1. A Talent as a Service (TaaS) company

14. "Product"

14.1. Full-stack software developers

15. Character

15.1. Optimistic, pure, honest and reliable. Always seeing the good in people and life. Dignified and subdued with an air of eliteness. An original thinker.

16. Voice

16.1. Andela's voice is human. It’s familiar, friendly, and straightforward. We want to educate people without confusing them.

17. Tone

17.1. Humor:

17.2. Avoid:

17.2.1. Slang, lingo, jargon Fellows: Only referred to during the initial training period

18. Language

18.1. Developers: Always referred to when speaking about the individual(s) that will be placed on their team

18.2. Selection:

18.2.1. Boot camp: (2 words, lowercase c, unless a title): 2 week intensive

18.2.2. Home study:

18.2.3. Testing:

18.3. Program

18.3.1. Technical: All developers go through our 5 month training program when we hire them

18.3.2. Soft skills training: Technical: The first month of training is soley focused on soft skills development. In addition to ongoing weekly classes throughout their time at Andela

18.3.3. 4 year program: Avoid

19. Social media

19.1. We use social media to build relationships with partners and prospective partners.

19.2. This created opportunities to say the wrong thing, put off our audience, and damage our brand. We’re careful and deliberate in what we post to our channels.

19.3. Accounts:

19.3.1. Facebook

19.3.2. Twitter

19.3.3. Linkedin

19.3.4. Instagram

20. Persona

20.1. A self taught mid 30 year-old intellectual female from the US.

21. Intangible emotional appeal

21.1. Empowered

21.2. Confident

21.3. Virtuous

21.4. "Making an impact in the world"

22. Common objections

23. Founding principles

23.1. Brilliance is evenly distributed, opportunity is not

23.2. Provide opportunity for people where opportunity is scarce

23.3. Med-sized companies

23.4. Provide companies with talent where talent is scarce

24. Competitor landscape

24.1. Tech consultancies

24.1.1. Tata

24.1.2. Epam

24.2. Outsourcing

24.2.1. Upwork

24.3. Staffing/aug

24.3.1. Kforce

24.4. In-house

24.4.1. Recruiters

24.5. Remote ft

24.5.1. Accegile

24.6. Online marketplaces

24.6.1. Toptal

24.7. Dev shops (contract)

24.7.1. Thoughtbot

25. For Hiring

25.1. We make it possible for you to hire great engineers

25.2. Let’s re-imagine technical hiring

25.3. Target audience: technical staffing partners increase effectiveness of their work. Get much more value out of relationship, either more productivity / higher quality / more seamless engagement with team / getting projects done on time and under budget (sooner). Smarter people who are a part of your team we can make it easy and effective

25.4. Pain

25.4.1. Can’t find

25.4.2. Can’t retain

25.4.3. Can’t afford

26. Cost benefits

26.1. Infrastructure

26.2. Fiber internet

26.3. Mac laptop

26.4. Security

26.5. Office space

26.6. Healthcare/benefits

27. Value proposition

28. Focused target audience

28.1. 80% VC backed compaies

28.2. 20% enterprise