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Main LD Website by Mind Map: Main LD Website

1. Multimedia

1.1. The third section is multimedia, this section includes audio, video, and transcript resources for teacher and parents.

1.1.1. There are also featured videos and audio resources and even a webcast which can be used as a great tool for teachers and parents.

2. LD Topics

2.1. The second section of the sidebar includes all of the different learning disabilities topics. They include:

2.1.1. About LD

2.1.2. Accommodations & Modifications

2.1.3. AHDH

2.1.4. Adults with LD

2.1.5. Behavior & Social Skills

2.1.6. Classroom Management

2.1.7. College & College Prep

2.1.8. Early Identification

2.1.9. English Language Learners & LD

2.1.10. Evaluation/ LD Testing

2.1.11. Gifted & LD

2.1.12. Homeschooling

2.1.13. Homework Help

2.1.14. IEP'S

2.1.15. Legislation & Policy

2.1.16. Math & Dyscalculia

2.1.17. Nonverbal LD

2.1.18. Processing Deficits

2.1.19. Reading & Dyslexia

2.1.20. Research & Reports

2.1.21. Response to Intervention

2.1.22. Self-Esteem & Stress Management

2.1.23. Special Education

2.1.24. Speech & Language

2.1.25. Study Skills

2.1.26. Teaching & Instruction

2.1.27. Technology

2.1.28. Transition: School to Work

2.1.29. Working with Families

2.1.30. Writing & Spelling

3. Getting Started

3.1. LD Basics

3.1.1. This section of the websites provides educators with answers to questions about learning disabilities and the beginning signs as well as helpful hints for parents.

3.2. ADHD Basics

3.2.1. This section provides answers about what is ADHD and what teachers and parents can do to help children and adults with ADHD achieve their full potential

3.3. Questions & Answers

3.3.1. The Q&A has answers to many different questions, which are placed into many different sections including : IEP's, Adults with LD, Special Education, and Homework help.

3.4. Glossary

3.4.1. The glossary provides teachers and parents with a list of terms and acronyms. They are alphabetized and organized by each letter of the alphabet which makes the words easier to search through.

4. Teaching Kids with LD

4.1. This section gathers important resources from different sections for teachers and parents to be able to look at. Each section has multiple sub-sections so you can find exactly what you are looking for. The sections include:

4.1.1. Instructional Strategies For Teaching Students With LD or AHDH

4.1.2. Aiming for Success

4.1.3. Other Teaching Issues

4.1.4. Top Articles

4.1.5. Recommended Links

4.1.6. Resources

4.1.7. In Our LearningStore

4.1.8. In the Forums

5. Home to School Connection

5.1. The Home to School Connection is a resource for teachers as well as parents which is very important because communication between parents and teachers is an essential part for a successful learning environment. The sections in this section are:

5.1.1. Top Subjects

5.1.2. Multimedia

5.1.3. Top Articles

5.1.4. Resources

5.1.5. See Also

5.1.6. Recommendations

5.1.7. In Our LearningStore

5.1.8. Yellow Pages

5.1.9. In the Forums

6. Kids Voices

6.1. The Kids Voices section is a kid friendly section of the LDonline website. Each of the four sections is organized in colorful bubbles which are kid friendly.

6.1.1. Art Gallery

6.1.2. Your Stories

6.1.3. E-Cards

6.1.4. Books

7. Finding Help

7.1. Finding Help has resources for teachers and parents which are broken down into four sections.

7.1.1. Expert Advice

7.1.2. LD Resources

7.1.3. Questions & Answers

7.1.4. LD Online Yellow Pages

8. Learning Store

8.1. The learning store has resources which teachers and parents can purchase to help further their child's/ students education. The resources in the learning store change each month. There are different options based on what you want to shop for to make searching for the perfect resource easier.

8.1.1. On Sale!

8.1.2. Shop by Topic

8.1.3. Shop by Media Type

8.1.4. Shop Most Popular

8.1.5. All Products

9. Support Us

9.1. There are many different ways in which teachers and parents can help donate to LDonline.

9.1.1. Donate to LD online, there is a link you can click on which takes you directly to another site in which you can choose how much money you would like to donate.

9.1.2. Shopping at the Learning Store will help the website since proceeds from the sales support all of their programs.

9.1.3. There is a link here to an Amazon website, which you can shop on and LD online receives a percentage of each purchase.

9.1.4. Teachers and parents also have an option to advertise or sponsor content in this link.

9.1.5. They can also spread the word about LDonline in this link

9.1.6. In the last link teachers and parents have the option of learning how to volunteer for LDonline in this link.

10. Features

10.1. The features selection provides teachers and parents with different perspectives on learning disabilities and ADHD. This section is broken up into seven sub-sections.

10.1.1. IDEA

10.1.2. Contributors

10.1.3. Personal Stories

10.1.4. Newsletter

10.1.5. Calendar

10.1.6. En Espanol

10.1.7. Forum

11. About Us

11.1. The About Us section describes the mission of the website, talks about all the collaborating websites which work with LD online and provides teachers and parents with an option to be able to contact LDonline with questions and comments.

12. Home

12.1. The home website provides teachers and parents with different topics which the website has chosen to write about that day, the topics change daily which is helpful because different topics which can help different types of students with LD are provided daily.