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Activities by Mind Map: Activities

1. Family member

1.1. in this topic I'm going to talk about family members, how it's structured and how it´s used. Depending on your age, you may be asked about your parents and what they do for a living, or you may be asked if you are married or have any children. We are going to share about the basic and extended family. Keep in mind that masculine plurals in Spanish can refer to mixed groups of males and females.

1.2. Counseling

1.2.1. In this issue we saw what's in our city which has in it

1.3. In,On,/An

1.3.1. In questions about this we did in, on / an

2. Jobs.

2.1. Today we are going to talk about jobs, what is in your mind when you hear the word job? Do you think in just an occupation or in a profession? Which jobs keep in mind now? Well, let me tell you something, when we talk about jobs we are including the both “occupation” and “profession”. But, what is an occupation and what is a profession? What is the difference? An occupation is an activity you do for earning your life, you can do many things without any other requirement, and just you can do it. But a profession is a vocation requiring knowledge of some department of learning or science, academic study is required.

2.2. Conversation

2.2.1. In this issue we saw what was good morning greetings e.t.c

2.3. Demostrastivo Pronouns

2.3.1. In this topic to create a mind than what is demonstrative pronoun

3. Negative Interrogative

3.1. In this activity we saw what they were negative and interrogative questions

3.2. Alphabet

3.2.1. In this issue we saw what they were writing all the letters of the alphabet

4. Furniture & Appliances

4.1. Home sweet home, do you remember this expression? What do you think when you read that? Well in this topic, I'm going to talk about furniture and appliances. You can find some of these things in your house, for example a table, a sofa, a fan, a tv, a refrigerator, and so on,,,

4.2. Verb To Be

4.2.1. In this issue we saw what are possessive, affirmative and interrogative sentences

4.3. Time

4.3.1. In this issue we saw on several clock hours

5. Where are you from? what is your nationality?

5.1. We saw in this activity which is so important to know about the nationalities and countries

5.2. Pronouns

5.2.1. In this issue of the type of pronouns

6. Clothing

6.1. In this vestments we learned to mention clothing which are using

6.2. Verb

6.2.1. In this issue talk about the noun verbs