eSports: Academically beneficial to HS students?

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eSports: Academically beneficial to HS students? by Mind Map: eSports: Academically beneficial to HS students?

1. Definition of eSport

1.1. is adopting characteristics of modern sport

1.2. involved in the process of sportification

1.3. possible to distinguish between competitive play & occasional play

1.4. merger between electronic game, sport, business, media

2. Benefit of Traditional/Modern Sports

2.1. better physical health

2.2. better mental health

2.3. internalization of societal values

2.4. adults affect children's development in positive way

2.5. contributes to society

3. Benefit of eSports

3.1. engagement in activities beyond game gain offline social support

3.2. a space for meeting and interacting with players

3.3. players form teams to train and compete together

3.4. "It is more about personal development in various areas than about performance." pg.211

3.5. satifies psychological needs

3.5.1. the need to belong through membership

3.5.2. the need for power through leadership positions

3.5.3. "development psychologists are concerned that children who do not play video games are experiencing abnormal development." pg488

3.6. provides means for youth to express selves in rapidly changing modern world

3.7. "Research has demonstrated that participation in commercial social interactive games can produce powerful social learning effects." pg494

3.8. social support structures foster prosocial attitudes

3.8.1. trust

3.8.2. responsibility

3.8.3. negatives possible

4. Combating Negative Effects of Online Gaming

4.1. foster physical & social proximity

4.2. foster familiarity in gaming

5. Skills of eSports

5.1. tournament rules

5.2. divising new strategies

5.3. team-building

5.4. negotiation

5.5. collaboration

5.6. thinking strategically

5.7. executing plans

5.8. multitasking

5.9. decision making in rapidly-changing situations

6. Trends in eSports

6.1. the development of more institutionalized and professional practices

7. The Motivation to Play

7.1. spectator followers

7.2. life goals can be connected to play style

7.2.1. created life goal will be mirrored in the way they play a specific game

7.3. players score high in need to experience new things

8. Debate: Is eSport a Sport?

8.1. No.

8.1.1. virtual has connotation of not real "Being virtual suggests something artificial or contrived." pg195

8.1.2. representations in film/media social misfits voyuers nerds criminal hackers

8.1.3. link to childhood obesity

8.2. Yes.

8.2.1. playful freedom becoming codified into sport

9. Sport Psychology

9.1. influences of change resulting from technological advances

9.2. "Sport psychologists interested in behaviors such as teamwork, aggression, and concentration may well find competitive online video games to be at least as influential as sports in these ideas." pg490