Macbeth Timeline

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Macbeth Timeline by Mind Map: Macbeth Timeline

1. Act 1

1.1. Weird Sisters make prophecy, telling Macbeth he will become Thane of Cawdor and King of Scotland.

1.2. King Duncan talking about Macbeth's character, speaking about how he was before his ambition takes over.

2. Act 2

2.1. After Duncan's sons flee, Macbeth becomes King making the witches' prophecy true.

2.1.1. Lady Macbeth being the puppet master, controlling Macbeth's actions and the events that go on.

3. Act 3

3.1. Macbeth acts out at dinner and raises suspicions about his ability to rule as king.

3.1.1. Banquo is killed and his son Fleance escapes.

4. Act 4

4.1. The Weird Sisters show Macbeth three apparitions.

4.1.1. Macduff's family is killed, starting the war.

5. Act 5

5.1. Macbeth dies, making all the apparitions true.

5.2. Malcolm becomes King and everyone welcomes the change.