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Whole Numbers by Mind Map: Whole Numbers
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Whole Numbers

The goal of this mindmap is to help children better understand properties of whole numbers, multiplication, division, and the two digit algorithms of both multiplication and division.  

Multiplication of Whole Numbers


Repeated Addition


Cartesian Product

Parts of the Equation

3x2=6 3- Multiplicand 2-Multiplier 6- Product

Division of Whole Numbers


Count Elements

Count Sets

Parts of the Equation

8/4=2 8- Dividened 4- Divisor 2-Quotient

Two Digit Multiplication Algorithms


Lattice Multiplication



Distributive Property

Expanded Algorithm

Standard Algorithm

Two Digit Division Algorithms



Scaffolding Method

Long Division

Properties of Whole Numbers

***To play a game to help understand properties click on the link.

Associative Property

(1+3)+2=1+(3+2) (2x3)x1 = 2x(3x1)

Commutative Property

4+5=5+4 2x3=3x2

Distributive Property

2x(3+4) = 2x3+2x4

Closure Property

a whole number + a whole number = a whole number a whole number x a whole number = a whole number

Identity Property