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TEDxChange by TEDxAmsterdam by Mind Map: TEDxChange by TEDxAmsterdam

1. Introduction

1.1. Head Innovation Dialogue house

1.2. Moderators

1.2.1. Andrew

1.2.2. Marcia

1.3. Jim Stolze

1.3.1. the foundation that is facilitating everthing in NL

1.3.2. Idea's worth spreading- Ideas worth doing

1.3.3. Acknowledgment for the people set it up (team) Ilse Hajo Nephtali Nephalie Tara Pallieter Jeroen Daria Sponsors

1.4. Ilse Kerling

1.4.1. How the concept started Jim- TEDxAmsterdam "We talk about the future, but it is not in the audience" An offer from the states- Ideas worth spreading are not the most effective way of working

1.4.2. How are we going to create "ideas worth doing?" Spoke to an expert panel Different people helped us 8 MDG's-- 8 Speakers Not an NGO Pitch Supporting causes that already exist We found our speakers Arjen Erkel How do I keep in touch with them? Creation of project coordinators We didn't just want guests people that want to make the change Help the projects that already exist

2. Speaker

2.1. Pim Betist

2.1.1. History 2006 Dream started a few years ago My Space exploded It was going well raising more then 3 million

2.1.2. the new African Sound

2.1.3. Africa unsigned music panel pick the artists Mike del Ferro Contest of 3 ladies winner will play at TEDxAmsterdam You can vote on eahc one introduction of all 3 Its about connecting with the people Show later on by Mikel del Ferro Viktor africaunsigned.com Vote there

3. Live Streaming TEDxChange

3.1. Chris Anderson

3.1.1. Being hosted in NYC

3.1.2. 82 different live-streaming

3.1.3. Imagine sport stadium 170 kids killed every year 1 year- everybody died Filled with children

3.1.4. 1700 kids die everyday

3.1.5. there isn't a more important topic

3.1.6. 10th year anniversary

3.1.7. Today is about the Why and the How

3.2. Hans Rosling

3.2.1. we are here today UN made 8 goals there are so many problems to work on work on things from "aid-trade" MDG4 : 4% reduction per year Deaths in Children (5 years per 1000 born) how do they get the statistics? 2008 2009 Trend is seen differently Bubble Chart 1 1960 Time has come that Sub-Sahara region should not be seen as one country Sweden Thailand Egypt Bubble 2. Children deaths per 1000 Born vs Children per Woman Developing vs Western report from the UN concerning the Developing countries We won't be able to work on the environment until we level the world population

3.3. Chris Anderson

3.3.1. Video from people in New Zeeland 3 am in Pyjama's

3.3.2. Nairobi Kibera

3.3.3. This is TEDxChange, but its also about "Exchange"

3.3.4. I would have liked to see a movie where moments of the future would li

3.4. Melinda French gates

3.4.1. we've made more progress in the last 10 years then any other time period

3.4.2. we are on track with the MDG's 1.3 billion have lifted themselves out of poverty

3.4.3. Work at the Foundation Mothers want the same thing Travel to many countries One thing they all have Coca Cola How is it they can get Coke to all these places? 1.5 billion servings every day Why does this matter? Development Data local entrepreneurs Marketing Polio India Polio-fatigue Happiness a mother holding a baby If we can make this message the same as Coca Cola

3.5. Chris Anderson

3.5.1. Introducing the band

3.5.2. Next Speaker 50 years "Mr Condom"

3.6. Musical Act

3.6.1. Baja ...

3.7. Mechai Viraviadya

3.7.1. A partnership against Poverty

3.7.2. Step1 Get to the children Get to mother then introduce Family planning

3.7.3. What did we do? Midwives/Dr handing out pill Selling them in stores Contraceptives on markets Respect for religion Teachers Making a game Edutainment "Condom girls best friend" US 4th of July Vasectomy Festival 1974-2000 4% - 1.6% reduction

3.7.4. HV/AIDS hit Thailand government in denial Military Airtime Every ministry needed be aware of it Aids education in schools Available everywhere "Cops and Rubbers" "Weapon of Mass Protection" "Don't leave home without it" "in Rubber we trust" 7.7 million saved 90% funding came from Thailand

3.7.5. Business enterprise Empower Poor people teach them how to Microcredit Access must be a human right Training "Barefoot" MBA Agriculture Clothing "Coffee and Condom" Schools Redo the school make them work

3.7.6. 9th MDG Family planning

3.7.7. www.mechairfoundation.org

3.8. Chris Anderson

3.8.1. its about numbers and figures

3.8.2. its more about grassroot

3.9. Movie

3.9.1. Prayasam how can we eradicate poverty? Organise Children make them peer educators Daredevils 40% rising to 80% of the amount to the people vaccinated Empowering the people

3.10. Chris Anderson

3.10.1. London live streaming

3.10.2. Theme this last years Woman and children

3.11. Graca Machel

3.11.1. Back in 2000 world leaders set up global votes a movement to tackle to the worlds biggest problems Ending Start

3.11.2. 2010 we are in NYC World Leaders gathering Targets and Goals are important but not enough Mobilisation is important Africa is the worst suffering from the MDG's

3.11.3. New way of thinking Prioritisation Africa is comprised of 53 countries Identify each one Vigorous planning What do they need Leadership to lead the social change Government Leadership Example Planning Government Woman and Girls Social Mobilisation and Social Compacts Be clear I used to be a freedom fighter Youth of today have more resources

3.11.4. Aluta Contium

3.12. Chris Anderson

3.12.1. Brining Melinda on stage Take apart the Data (message from Hans) Social Mobilisation Getting people to do it themselves Marketing can be approached

3.12.2. Why did you not stay in the rich life Travel to Africa Seeing people living a tough life wanting to bring back change Get through the numbers and see what we can do

3.12.3. Last words Photo Campaign Continue the conversation